17 modern bmw concept

To further enhancing mobile photography, Pictar Pro offers you advanced camera grip for both iPhones and Androids. This device opens new possibilities on smartphone camera to take control and allow you to capture best quality video and photography. Pictar Pro offers you camera control and creativity that concept you won’t find with smartphone camera. Most users […]


Ganimede 110m yacht is a concept yacht based on Greek myth, Fincantieri wants to bring this mythology to the sea. Ganymede was kidnapped by Zeus, in form of an eagle, and be brought to Olympus to live among Gods. Ganymede was a Trojan prince, the most beautiful mortal, brought to heaven to become cup-bearer of […]

Almost all emergency essentials are packed inside WORSPODAY Emergency Survival Kit. It’s a great kit to have when you love camping, fishing, hiking, or just doing outdoor activities. This kit is the upgraded version, it consists of upgraded folding knife, emergency blanket, swiss card multitool, flashlight, whistle, flint fire starter, and tactical pen. The Swiss card 11-in-1 multitool offers many functions such as […]

Tuvie's Staff Picks

Futuristic H202 Tractor is a hydrogen fuel cell electric tractor concept, it was designed in 2017 as part of Valtra Design Challenge. It’s a futuristic concept tractor for the year of 2040, this project wants to show you how tractors might evolve in the next twenty years. Equipped with autonomous driving system, this tractor design […]

Petar Trlajic has sent us his latest concept smartphone, it’s a future vision of iPhone 2019. You can read his explanation below. Once apple introduced their line-up with last year’s design it was easy to get inspired to change at least something. First of all people are not in love with the notch so the […]

In order to celebrate Nasa 60th Anniversary, Anicorn Watches has teamed up with NASA to develop this limited edition watch. It’s been six decades NASA has led peaceful exploration of space, making new discoveries about our universe, planet, and solar system. Even at home, NASA has also reached great advances in space industry, aviation, jobs […]

This is the next generation of Planck Mechanical Keyboard Kit, OLKB has designed ortholinear mechanical keyboard for Massdrop to mass produce. It features unique layout with better design, it is laid out so that each key is within two units of your fingers on the home row. This means that this compact ortholinear 40% Planck […]

Submitted by Miguel Mojica, MEET is a futuristic concept car inspired by SEAT, a Spanish automobile manufacturer. “SEAT Meet is a proposal of autonomous car for Seat in 2030, its line of compact and aerodynamic design integrates visible features of the classic SEAT 600. And just now that the technological revolution is coming towards autonomy, […]

Decorate your house 17 modern bmw concept in Victorian spirit with this cool steampunk style Toggle Switch Plate. Yes, it’s a plate attachment, it means that this mechanical light switches can transform any ordinary switch to a vintage switch with a cool lever. Designed by Lance Nybye Jr., this plate is crafted from decorative plywood, joints that are finished with […]

Tuvie's Staff Picks

Porsche Design x Huawei Mate 20 RS Smartphone features elegant design with super performance. The back is made of handmade natural leather, polished glass, and metal, it feels good to touch and feel. That four cutouts for camera and sensors are housed in polished metal frames to create a distinctive look. The trilogy for those […]


RMK E2 electric motorcycle features modern design with an aluminum frame. The battery is able to take the rider from 200km (basic battery model) to 300km (more expensive model) on a single charge, and it takes only 2-3 hours to fully charge an empty battery. The first model of E2 series will be launched this […]

Whack-a-Nut is a handmade nutcracker designed to crack hazelnuts or filberts, walnuts, and black walnuts. It features two compartments, small and large. The small one is designed for hazelnuts while the larger one can be used for walnuts, all shells would stay inside compartments when you “whack” the nut, no more mess. With the right […]

Similar to Wish Folding Stretcher, Just One is a concept one-person operated stretcher. Unlike those conventional stretchers, Just One can easily be operated by one person, once the victim is strapped to it, a rescuer can lift and wheel it away with a little effort. Even when a rescuer needs a little break, they can […]

Easy to use and ready to go, Mounchain Mini Travel Coffee Maker is a great companion for a coffee lover on-the-go. This lightweight coffee maker is just like your ordinary travel mug but it makes coffee for you, simple and fast. Simply add hot water in the tank, K-Cup coffee pod or K-Cup filter, then […]

A’ Design Award and Competition calls you for entries, this is one of prestigious design awards that you want to put in your priority list. This world’s leading design competition is organized in a wide range of creative fields, it highlights best of the best designs from all countries in all disciplines. Each entry will […]

Segaway Ninebot Gokart Kit is an award wining design that allows you to enjoy a fully functional gokart by attaching it to your miniPRO base. This gokart is able to reach a top speed of 15MPH, with its adjustable frame length and a maximum payload of 220 lbs, therefore, both parents and kids can enjoy […]

Hermès Foosball Table in Maple and Swift calfskin, it’s the ultimate foosball table that would cost you,600. Well, even though playing foosball doesn’t need the same efforts as Olympic, it still requires hand-eye coordination, good grip, and scolding figurines for missing an open goal. Playing foosball does make you sweat. Now, here’s a foosball […]

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