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20 Eye-Catching Fall Make-Up Trends

Are you the kind of girl who can never get enough of make-up? If so, then you probably have a bathroom drawer that’s filled with all kinds of cosmetics.

First things first: If you’ve had mascara for more than a couple of months, foundation for more than a year and lip gloss or eyeshadow for going on two years, it’s time to toss that stuff out a start over. Old make-up can wreck havoc on your skin!

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But before you go and buy some new make-up to wear, first check out the following fall trends. That way, you’ll know just what you’ll need to get you through the fall and winter seasons.


Super smoky eye

Super smoky eyeSuper smoky eye/

The smoky eye. Although it’s the kind of look that you can wear day or not, it’s best when reserved for a romantic evening or formal event. And if you want your eyes to really stand out, add a hint of silver glitter. People won’t be able to stop staring at you if you do.

Iridescent lips

Iridescent lipsIridescent lips/

A really popular lip look is iridescent lips. Basically it’s about combining a few different colors together. You can go with a “rainbow look” like this one or some gloss and a bit of gold eyeshadow.

Deep and dark lips

Deep and dark lipsDeep and dark lips/

Some folks call lips that look like these “vampire lips”. We prefer to go with “sexy as all get out”! The darker, the better, in fact.

‘Barely there’ make-up face

'Barely there' make-up face‘Barely there’ make-up face/

If you’re actually someone who lives by the “less is more” philosophy, then you’re goin to love this trend. A lot of runway models actually sported little to no make-up for the fall line of fashion.

Orange lipstick

Orange lipstickOrange lipstick/

Happiness, creativity and enthusiasm are just some of the things that orange represents. If you put it on your lips, you can make a really big statement before saying a word.

Smoky blue eyeshadow

Smoky blue eyeshadowSmoky blue eyeshadow/

We already talked about creating a smoky eye. According to many make-up artists, the only thing better is one that is made with blue eyeshadow (and perhaps a bit of blue eyeliner too).

Attention to the ‘lower lids’

Attention to the 'lower lids'Attention to the ‘lower lids’/

Another big trend this year is using eyeliner—on the lower lids only. We like it even more when it smudges, just a bit, to create this classy-grunge effect.

A light ‘made-up’ tan

A light 'made-up' tanA light ‘made-up’ tan/

The sun isn’t going to be able to give you much of a tan in the fall. But with the help of some bronzer, you can make up your own sun-kissed tan.

Plenty of mascara

Plenty of mascaraPlenty of mascara/

Mascara is something that a woman should never stop out of the house without. And this fall season, one coat is simply not enough. Go with two or even three instead.

Sheer lip gloss

Sheer lip glossSheer lip gloss/

Sheer lip gloss is another thing that you can try on your lips. This is a really nice complement to the smoky eye.

Silver mascara

Silver mascaraSilver mascara/

Look at how fanciful this eye is. It makes you want to go play out in the snow before any ever arrives. Applying just a little bit of silver mascara can get you this kin of result.

A ‘glossy’ look

A 'glossy' lookA ‘glossy’ look/

Lip gloss will make your lips look this way. And the gloss on the eyes? Vaseline. Yep. It’s that easy to look this sexy.

Purple eyeliner

Purple eyelinerPurple eyeliner/

If you’re someone who likes to experiment with make-up and different colors, try a purple eyeliner. You might be surprised by how quickly you fall in love with it.

Peach blush

Peach blushPeach blush/

Typically, blush is lightly applied to the apples of the cheeks. This season? Be a bit more purposeful with it. Cheeks that look like you just walked in from the cold are actually really hot!

Red lips

Red lipsRed lips/

It’s doubtful that the classic red lip will be going anywhere any time soon. So, if it’s time to get a new tube, make sure to stock up as soon as possible.

Glittering eyeshadow

Glittering eyeshadowGlittering eyeshadow/

Glittering eyeshadow is so festive. It’s the perfect way to “dress up your face” if you have a formal event coming up.

Full eyebrows

Full eyebrowsFull eyebrows/

Even eyebrows have trends. This year, full ones have made a comeback. So, don’t do a lot of waxing or teasing. Just keep them well-manicured and be sure to remove any stray hairs.


20 Eye-Catching Fall Make-Up Trends
20 Eye-Catching Fall Make-Up Trends images

2019 year
2019 year - 20 Eye-Catching Fall Make-Up Trends pictures

20 Eye-Catching Fall Make-Up Trends recommend
20 Eye-Catching Fall Make-Up Trends recommendations photo

20 Eye-Catching Fall Make-Up Trends picture
20 Eye-Catching Fall Make-Up Trends pictures

20 Eye-Catching Fall Make-Up Trends 20 Eye-Catching Fall Make-Up Trends new pictures
20 Eye-Catching Fall Make-Up Trends new pics

pictures 20 Eye-Catching Fall Make-Up Trends
images 20 Eye-Catching Fall Make-Up Trends

Watch 20 Eye-Catching Fall Make-Up Trends video
Watch 20 Eye-Catching Fall Make-Up Trends video

Forum on this topic: 20 Eye-Catching Fall Make-Up Trends, 20-eye-catching-fall-make-up-trends/
Forum on this topic: 20 Eye-Catching Fall Make-Up Trends, 20-eye-catching-fall-make-up-trends/ , 20-eye-catching-fall-make-up-trends/

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