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RHOBHYoFlagLast Thursday, Just in time for Memorial Day Weekend, Yolanda Foster became a US citizen. Brandi was on hand for the special ceremony (as were Bravo cameras). Yolanda says that she disliked having to spilt from her american flag scarf yolanda foster 2018 family when traveling back to the US and clearing customs. I have to say that Yo’s timeline is so refreshing. Always positive, beautiful pictures, sharing flag her dates with girlfriends. What’s not to love about Yolanda. Nothing, that’s what.

RHOBHYoandDavidDrPhilYolanda also posted a picture of her and David out to dinner at Nobu in Malibu, probably just a short stroll from her lemon grove. Her dinner companions included Phil and Robin McGraw. It’s good to see her out!

Sadly, Yolanda has not found much relief for her “Chronic Lyme Disease” despite trying both traditional and holistic treatments. Personally, I don’t think she has found the correct diagnosis either. I wish her nothing but full health very soon. She will need it as the filming of RHOBH is already dramatically underway.


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