Christian dior fall 2018 campaign

I want to preface this review by saying that christian dior fall 2018 campaign I've been away from the fragrance game for a few years. I stopped collecting for a while because I delved into a new endeavor in my life and felt that my fragrance collection was adequate and that I didn't need anything new; my love for them never wavered, but I stayed away from a lot of fragrance news to avoid the temptation of buying them.

I heard about Sauvage when it released and wanted it back then, in 2015, but I procrastinated and kept hearing about it. I tested it on a paper strip at a mall about a year ago and thought it smelled really good. During this time away from this hobby, I occasionally popped into Fragrantica and saw how polarizing Sauvage was/is. No surprise. I remember when I bought Bleu de Chanel years ago, wrote a positive review and was attacked by one of the 'big wigs' (read: an idiot) in the community for not sharing a negative opinion on BdC.

I finally got a bottle of Dior Sauvage, and man oh man, I think it's phenomenal. It is in the same vein as BdC, as it is a safe scent that will smell great to everybody around you, and by 'smell great' I mean that it won't offend. To the nose of others, I doubt they will detect anything in Sauvage that will offend their olfactory senses.

Sauvage is like the Ric Flair (Woo!) of fragrances. It is flashy but it is safe. I say flashy, because it smells extremely good, not so much soapy as it is 'laundry detergent'. It is outstandingly fresh and welcoming. Definitely mass appealing. I call it the Ric Flair of fragrances, because you can put this on and walk out into society like you are Ric Flair, stylin' and profilin' without a care in the world, because you are gonna smell like a million bucks and prospective partners might just want a ride on Space Mountain!

I can't help but smirk at all the people saying, "Go ahead and buy this and smell like everyone else"... while I'm not crazy about my hometown, I live in a rural community in the U.S., an area where you don't really smell fragrances on others. The only thing I might smell on another man that I'm near or passing by will likely either by Acqua di Gio or those cheap Old Spice/Axe sprays. Outside of that, any other fragrance will likely be unique to the folks around here, and I love that. So, Savuage's popularity isn't an issue around here, and I can wear it without worrying about smelling like every other person. Perhaps this would be different in a big city, but that isn't my situation.

I can't wait to wear it more. I'm not surprised by its popularity. It's a fantastic fragrance. At the same token, I'm not surprised by how polarizing it is, as its popularity has created the same level of disdain from people in the way BdC did. I'm sure in the next year or two there will be another fragrance to come out and do the same. It's just a part of the fragrance game, and I'll be excited to check that one out, too. I'm not much of a fragrance snob! If it smells good, it smells good. I don't care if it is 'complex' or simple. Sauvage is a fresh, lightly spicy fragrance that is sure to please others. 'Synthetic mess'? I don't think so, neither will regular people that don't care about fragrances or even know there is a community.


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