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  Vintage Seams 73 Photos October 2, 2015   I just came home from a lovely evening out on the town and ready to slip my silky smooth vintage seamed stockings off and get ready for bed. What better excuse to give you an eyeful of my luscious gams and scrumptious peds? From full fashioned to sultry bare flesh, I love having your full attention either way!
JOIN NOW   Sabotage 109 Photos September 25, 2015   A lucky foot and high heel admirer of mine won the chance to own the most worn high heel in my lovely collection, my "Sabotage" stiletto patent mules with cheetah print lime green heels by Christian Louboutin. In this set I say goodbye to the heels that have been all over the world with me! I will miss them dearly!
  Worship My Feet Video September 18, 2015   I call you into my office to help with my busy day at work except this type of help isn't very usual. I demand you get on your hands and knees, crawl over to me and begin an intesne foot worship session on my lovely high heels and smooth bare soles! Don't forget to lick and suck each and every little toe too!
  Tease & Dangle 99 Photos September 11, 2015   After realizing that your eyes were infatuated by my gorgeous feet and stunning high heeled mules I decide to give you one hell of a tease as I dip and dangle to foot fetish heaven. Eventually both stilettos slip off my pretty peds and the game turns into delicious toe points begging for your tongue to lick my soles up clean.
  T-Strap Stilettos 67 Photos September 4, 2015   I slid on this pair of extreme stilettos with a unique t-strap that buckles across my dainty ankles. I picked out my lovely sheer polkadot stockings to grace my legs and knowing full well how turned you get seeing me in high heels and stockings I get off on all the kinky attention! I just LOVE how my feet look in these photo heels too.
  Red Heels Lust 52 Photos August 28, 2015   Extreme stilettos in a wonderful arch forcing my perfect peds right onto my sweet little toes. Red is the color of lust and I am full blown full of it in these killer high heels. A sensational dangle is in order displaying my luscious wrinkled soles as I play with the heels rubbing them against my body & licking with my wet tongue.
  Barefoot Pool Party 44 Photos August 21, 2015   I am having my very own fun barefoot pool party floating around in this adorable unicorn floaty. Dipped in a gorgeous transparent latex catsuit my feet are shoeless and having such a great time splashing around in the welcoming pool! Lovely close ups of my wrinkled soles and freshly painted red toes.
  Kinky Nylon Girl 77 Photos + Video August 14, 2015   Dressing up for an evening of kinky foot fetish fun only to find run in my luscious backseam vintage stockings! There is nothing worse than runs on my nylons! But of course I can't just take them off without giving you a sexy game of sultry toe points and an eyeful of my wrinkled soles through that lovely sheer material.
  Dip & Dangle 75 Photos + Video August 7, 2015   Close up of my kinky little peds dipping and dangling in a pair of very worn, used and abused hot pink high heels. A pair of daily wear shoes that have been worn to death! I give you a great close up of my arches as I dip and a delciious dangle until they delicatly fall off my perfect barefeet A foot fetishists dream cum true.
  Barefeet In The Forest Video July 31,2015   Barefoot in the forest getting my feet super dirty in all the dirt, branches and leaves. I wiggle my toes and get the dirt all in between my piggies. I show off the soles of my feet as they are completely covered in all the fun dirt! It feels so good to be outside experiencing all the different sensations on my precious peds!
  In The Forest 88 Photos July 24, 2015   Alone in the forest it's just you and I. Nothing but the rustling of the leaves and the chirping of the birds. I'm in nothing more than lingerie, stockings and stilettos yet suddenly my nylons turn into a blindfold and wrist cuffs as you take over and fondle my precious filthy soles. A foot fetishists dream come true.
  Stunning Stocking Peel 107 Photos July 17, 2015   I have a great set of legs that look even better dolled up in that silky sheer nylon. My gams are certainly made for stockings and I love every chance I get to wear them! These beauties lusciously smooth and feel so amazing as I rub my legs together. I slip my heels off and give you a nice eyeful as I perform a stunning peel!
  Playful Peds 62 Photos July 10, 2015   I have a pair of ultra kinky feet that love attention at any moment! My feet love an audience when doing my spectacular toe points displaying my stunning wrinkled soles so I am glad I have your attention! My toe nails are painted a really pretty metallic pink that adds to the beauty of my little piggies that are ready to play!
  Red Lace Teddy 77 Photos July 3, 2015   I just can't get enough when it comes to sexy foot play. Any chance I get I enjoy playing with my lovely peds! I really get off on a nice stocking peel and in this case its in a luscious pair of sheer vintage stockings that are truly used and abused and full of runs and ladders. A pretty red lace teddy keeps the look classy ;-)
  Pretty Feet 50 Photos + Video June 26, 2015   Playing a sweet game of footsies in my bedroom. I seductively dangle a pair of my exquisite high heels off my pretty little beds and give you a nice big close up of my luscious wrinkled soles. If you are a good pet perhaps I will give you the luxury of tasting my delicious arches and delightful playful piggies.
  London Soles 58 Photos + Video June 19, 2015   I just finished running some errands around town and wanted to give you a chance to get up close and personal to m y beautiful sweaty soles. I introduce you to my lovely daily wear patent flats from London Soles, one of the most worn flats in my large shoe collection. Nice and worn in all the right places!
  Fancy Dots 105 Photos + Video June 12, 2015   I know dearly that impact my gorgeous peds have on you. I see you eyeing my pretty feet and I know you are just dying to watch me peel my fancy polkadot stockings off my long legs exposing my delicious soles and yummy toes. I give you one hell of a stocking peel leaving you begging for more.
  Madame Marilyn 70 Photos June 5, 2015   I start out stern and in command dolled up in amazing black lace lingerie and a pair of killer red seamed stockings that will make you melt in my hands. I demand all your attention with just one look and suddenly you are groveling at your feet begging to worship my stunning stocking clad legs and feet!
  Foot Fetish Queen 102 Photos + Video May 29, 2015   High on my arches and perfectly pointed red glossy toes I admire my luscious spiked heels while teasing and tormenting you. Lets see just how excited I can get you but remember I am in control of all your nasty thoughts. You must ask permision to play. Until you prove yourself a good boy just sit back and watch.
  Wear Me part 2 Video May 22, 2015   I welcome you home as you suddenly open the door. Lounging on my bed dressed in the luscious stockings and high heels you left me. Now it is time to have a lot of fun! I can tell you are instantly turned on and I am ready to get you even more excited brining you right to the edge of ecstasy.
  Wear Me Video May 15, 2015   I come home from a long day at work to find a note on my bed that reads "Wear Me" along with a lace garter belt and a set of lovely full fashion stockings. What a special treat! Excited, I strip off my work clothes and slip right into my delicious silky smooth backseam stockings anticipating a visitor!
  Louboutin Heels 85 photos May 8, 2015   An extremely worn pair of Christian Louboutin "Pigalle" heels with used and abused red soles slip off my backseam stocking clad legs as the heel enters between my ruber red lips. Luscious toe points the entire time as I play with my pretty black patent heels freshly worn with my sexy peds.
  Pure Passion 74 photos May 1, 2015   I just can't get enough of my hot gilrfriends amazing legs and feet. In fact, it's rather mutual! We are such sensual woman that when it comes to wearing silky sheer stockings where you can see our lovely red painted toe nails we instantly have the urge to strip them off and have some real foot fetish fun!
  Black Stockings Duet 77 photos April 24, 2015   My hot girlfriend Sydney and I together in a sensational girl/girl scene featuring us both in lovely black stockings and killer high heels. Our legs twist and intertwine as she spanks me with her crop, sucks on my heels and kisses my yearning lips.
  London Calling 46 photos April 17, 2015   Join me for a fun filled afternoon walk through the beautiful Chelsea streets of down Sloane Square and Kings Road. It's a bit chilly out so I threw on my lovely red coat and slipped on my Wolford stay up thigh highs. I am sure you don't mind as I tease you with my stocking tops as I casually stroll the cobble stone streets.
  Sneaker Pumps 31 photos + Video April 10, 2015   Before heading out to run some errands I stop for a moment to dip and dangle showing off my cute sneaker pumps. I expose my beautiful high arches slowly but surely and give you a nice close up of my lovely glossy red painted toe nails. A true foot fetishists dream.
  Soft Soles 52 photos April 3, 2015   My beautiful perfect soles are super soft to the touch. I display them in a delicious position giving you all sorts of naughty thoughts about my milky smooth arches, heels and toes. I wiggle my little piggies in excitement knowing how much you are turned on! Just one touch and you will be in foot fetish heaven.
  Sensual Sunlight 32 photos March 27, 2015   A beautiful nude photoset in a window feeling the sensual sunlight hitting my skin. Without a stitch of clothing on and perfectly barefoot I enjoy the moment and take it all in. Vivid red hair, red lips and red nails play in perfect harmony with my lovely milky white skin.
  Stocking Clad Sweetheart 106 photos March 20, 2015   I have a great pair of legs to dress up in leg fashion. Here I have a pretty pair of super sheer silky smooth light beige stockings on. What I love about these beauties is the fact you can see all the dips, curves and wrinkles my sensational peds have to offer. What would be even more amazing is your tongue all over them!
  Sheer Black Pantyhose 177 photos March 13, 2015   This one is for all my pantyhose lovers! I am dressed up in a decadent pair of super sheer black pantyhose with a nice crotch design. I know how much it turns you on watching me as I pose for you giving you a great ride! Wait until you see my beautiful soles covered in this delicate sheer material, you are going to pop!
  Sweet Rose Lace 44 photos March 6, 2015   Dolled up in a sweet rose lace lingerie ensemble complete with a sexy garter belt to hold up my stunning RHT silky sheer stockings. I slipped on a pair of beautiful slingback stilettos and ready for a fun night on the town. First, of course, I have to steam thing up by giving you a preview of what's to come later on at night!
  Long Legs Pretty Feet 77 photos February 27, 2015   Showing off my lovely long legs posing in sexy leggy positions on my kinky spanking bench. Once I strip my adorable sheer nighty off I slip off my stiletto heels and give you an eyeful of delicious toe points. I love the power my legs and feet have over you! I am such a kinky foot girl always ready to play.
  Stocking Foot Worship 133 photos February 20, 2015   Insatiable to say the least. I just can't get enough when it comes to my love for feet and legs, especially stocking clad feet and legs! I love sucking on toes that are delicately wrapped in that luscious thin material after I slip the high heels off exposing those pretty peds! I am in absolute foot fetish heaven.
  Legs For Days 62 photos + Video February 13, 2015   Of course I love my legs bare and my tootsies without shoes but any chance I get I love to adorn my toned gams and insatiable peds! A perfect fit is a pair of truly amazing full fashion nylon stockings and a delicious pair of slingback stilettos. I will make any non believer an instant leg and foot fan! Nylons by.
  Secrets in Lace 98 photos February 6, 2015   Beautiful peach satin in a retro style. Long line bra, full bottom panties and a extravagant garter belt to hold up my "Tall Girl" vintage nylons. Since this is me we are talking about the stockings don't stay on for long... neither does the posh lingerie either! I just have to show off my curves, dips and arches!
  Peeptoe Heels 48 photos January 30, 2015   I love the look of my adorable and sexy stiletto peeptoe high heels. They show off my lovely high arches in such a spectacular way! They come with a slingback which gives a great visual of my heels. The best part is the open peeptoe in front where you can see just the big and middle toes with the red polish too!
  Heavenly 62 photos + Video January 23, 2015   Like an angel from the heavens in pure untouched white. The rays from the sun light up my smooth, soft skin. Dressed in nothing more than white seamed stockings and a stunning vintage girdle I dangle my peeptoe high heels off and slip down my nylons exposing my worshipable legs and feet.
  Wild Woman 50 photos + Video January 16, 2015   Cheetah print suites me well, it shows off my wild personality! Flaming red hair, red lips and of course matching red fingernails and toes. I give you some great positions showing off my wild gams and luscious peds. Toe points, high arches, wrinkled soles and my beautiful little piggies.
  Loving It 71 photos + Video January 9, 2015   I'm lucky to have a set of perfect feet that love all the attention they can get! I am the first one to admit I am a total sensation slut and that definitely means loving all sorts of sensations on my pretty peds! A lovely pair of vintage stockings in this case. Sheer and gorgeous on my delicious wrinkled soles.
  Foot Fetish Sex 52 photos January 2, 2015   My girlfriend Sybil is really into feet just like me! She is also a naughty little submissive and will do anything I say. I demand that she worships my lovely stocking clad legs. She slips my ruby red stilettos off my sensitive feet and gives me a hot lick down - foot fetish sex style!
  Barefoot Beach Babe 74 photos December 26, 2014   One of the best parts about living in beautiful Southern California is the gorgeous winter weather which is always beach babe worthy! I take my sexy peds to the gorgeous Cali coastline and frolic in the ocean tides. My toes and soles get mighty dirty as I play in the lovely water. Latex by.
  Stocking Clad Soles 65 photos + Video December 19, 2014   I sure do have a treat for you! Unwrap my luscious peds by slipping off my patent stiletto mules exposing my phenomenal champagne & black stockinged soles. You can see all the dips, grooves and delicious wrinkles my soles have to offer through this sheer nylon. If you are a good boy I'll let you follow the seams up to heaven.
  Decadent 45 photos December 12, 2014   I love the game of dressing for pleasure and what better way to celebrate my passion than slipping into a pair of exquisite vintage stockings and a pair of extreme stiletto high heels. My feet look amazing forced into such an incredible arch. I admire the luscious toe points and my delicious high arches.
  Silky Sheer 60 photos + Video December 5, 2014   Playing on my kinky bondage spanking bench dolled up in sweet pink lingerie and a amazing pair of silky sheer stockings high on my thighs. I tease you with incredible close ups of my sultry wrinkled soles underneath the sexy thin nylon.
  Sandy Soles 71 photos November 28, 2014   I just couldn't get enough of the beach and went back again the other day! This time it was at the sun was setting giving a stunning sunset in the California sky. Barefoot and ready to take a plunge in the tide I get my naughty soles are messy with the luscious wet beach sand!
  Barely Black 42 photos November 21, 2014   My legs look stunning in my new barely black full fashion beauties from. Sheer sexiness high on my thighs with sensual backseams. The best part is when i slip off my lovely peeptoe heels giving you a tease on my stocking clad toes as I lick my delicious stiletto. Photos by.
  Sea Breeze 67 photos November 14, 2014   Exploring the gorgeous coast on top of a lifeguard stand dolled up in teal blue lingerie and a pair of hot pink seamed stockings. Of course it's me and I can never keep my stockings on for long because my naughty little peds always want to come out and play! Sultry stocking peel out in the open!
  Barefoot in Malibu 96 photos November 7, 2014   Enjoying the beautiful fall weather California style by taking a dip in the beautiful Pacific Ocean on the beaches of stunning Malibu. The sand feels so amazing against my soft sole and in between my naughty little toes. The cool ocean water tide comes in and washes them clean only to get dirty all over again! Latex bikini by.
  The Abandoned House 87 photos October 31, 2014   Way out in the desert I discovered a neighborhood of abandoned houses. What better way to explore them then in nothing more than a thong, garter, stockings and high heels! Of course the stockings don't stay on long and before you know it I am sucking my stiletto heels barefoot and nude!
  Come Play With Me 47 photos + Video October 24, 2014   I am the ultimate leg and foot tease in these decadent stockings. They are the perfect feet on my long legs and really accentuate them so perfectly. I invite you over for a seductive game of tease and denial as I pose with my stunning feet adorned in outrageous heels. I beckon you to come play with me.
  Heels & Hose 46 photos + Video October 17, 2014   Having some fun wearing a really cool pair of patterned Wolford pantyhose. There is just something so erotic about wearing this particular brand, nothing else feels exactly so smooth on my legs. I love rubbing them together and also standing high on my toes in my delicious high heels. I'm such a pervy leg & foot girl!
  What A Sight 50 photos + Video October 10, 2014   Being the fetishist that I am, I find that I'm much more aroused when I'm "almost" naked. Although it does feel amazing to bare all every once in a while, something about being barely clothed really gets me going, epecially when it involves a pair of hot stockings & high heels slipped on to my perfect feet & legs. The feel of having them all dressed up, while my sexy tidbits are fully exposed, leaves me ready for some steamy pleasure.
  Sultry Seams 59 photos + Video October 3, 2014   All dolled up in a sexy white lingerie ensemble and a pair of vintage seamed stockings. I decided to go outside and enjoy this beautiful summer night. As always, the feel of the nylon on my long legs really turns me on, and the look of those super hot seams, as they go all the way down to the heels my soft smooth feet, drives me wild.
  Eye Catchers 71 photos + Video September 26, 2014   I know how to get your attention and I must admit I do it well! Delicated pastel lingerie hugging my deiclous body, peeptoe slingback high heels keeping my sexy peds high on my toes and a splendid pair of vintage stockings called "Eye Catchers" I slip off exposing my perfect soles, toes and yummy high arches.
  What a Tease 41 photos September 19, 2014   I know how much you like seeing my sexy little peds in really high heels. It's something we share in common. A special pair of heels like these is all it takes to get us both really going! Pointed to a perfect arch and keeping my inner and outer arches visible, a perfect place for your wet tongue to worship!
  Captivate 44 photos September 12, 2014   Dressing up for a night on the town always calls for a major side track every single time I slip on a pair of silky smooth Wolford pantyhose. The second I see the packaging I get instantly excited! i just love all the various designs and prints they have each season, a girl like me never has enough!
  Naughty in Nylons 43 photos September 5, 2014   It always turns me on wearing nylons. I get off on the visual of seeing my long legs and stunning peds covered in a barely there material. It's hard for me hold back from getting so turned on as I do! I just can't help myself and I am sure no one here will complain. I just have to get closer to my nylons, if you know what I mean ;)
  Sexy Red Heels 44 photos August 29, 2014   Red is my color and I wear it quite well! From my glossy red toes, lovely shiny nails, vivid red hair and right down to the patent stilettos adorning my sexy peds. A perfect bedroom slipper made only for a fun frolic with my lover. With nothing else on except these gorgeous gals I am sure to get you all pumped up!
  Neon 40 77 photos August 22, 2014   My legs are covered in a shiny barely there hose called "Neon 40" by my favorite brand Wolford. They look and feel so incredibly spectacular! I just can't wait to wear them on town and see how many heads I will turn. I love the shimmer effect and how smooth to the touch they are.
  Kinky Seams 56 photos + Video August 15, 2014   Adorning my long legs and precious peds are a pair of truly kinky seamed stockings! These beauties are so unique! A true authentic vintage stocking made in a super sheer material. You can see all the dips, wrinkles and delicious details of my naughty soles & toes complete with this luscious seam to heaven!
  Stockings & Mules 80 photos + Video August 8, 2014   At home in my powder pink bedroom I throw on a beautiful lingerie number and get in the mood for a little foot and leg tease! I pick out a delicious pair of 6" stiletto high heeled mules as soon as these stunning pair of truly authentic vintage stockings are gracing my long perfect gams. Its now time to play!
  Playful Peds 38 photos + Video August 1, 2014   I am a very foot erotic woman and love all sorts of sensual sensations on my playful peds. Its the way to my sexual side, just pay a little attention to my luscious soles! I love rubbing them together and wiggling my toes, it feels so good and looks even better! Feeling frisky this lovely afternoon and ready for some yummy fun!
  Foot Fetish Fun 51 photos + Video July 25, 2014   I just love playing with my feet. I am the ultimate foot erotic woman and you can do no wrong zoning in on my sensitive little peds! I know I am a rare breed as I have never truly met another woman like me with such an insatiable appetite for having her feet played with!
  Stocking Fixation 55 photos + Video July 18, 2014   Dressing up in ravishing red lingerie ad red patent mules I notice runs in my sheer black stockings! There is no way I can tease and seduce with laddered nylons! I decide to slide them off and instead put on a brand new pair of sheer black RHT stockings that look incredible on my long legs and delicious feet.
  Red Hot 54 photos July 11, 2014   I slipped into something totally red hot and skin tight in this kinky little sheer body stocking. What I love about this outfit are the backseams that start from the tips of my toes up the backs of my legs and end right at the tops of my sweet thighs. Sexy stilettos to top this look off as I point my toes in a delicious arch.
  Wonderful Wolford 56 photos + Video July 4, 2014   I love the feeling of wearing Wolford pantyhose. They are so soft and smooth against my long legs and perfect peds. These particular pair of Wolford hose have a wonderful sheerness to them. I enjoy admiring my cute little feet through the thin material, it really turns me on.
  Smooth Stockings 60 photos + Video June 27, 2014   I love dressing my long legs in smooth stockings, it gives me such a thrill! I get off on that thin, barely there nylon gracing my perfect gams. Alone at home one afternoon I set my handycam up and give you an insight of what its like behind close doors as I slide my stockings on and rub my lovely legs together, feels so good!
  Red Stocking Tops 107 Photos June 20, 2014   Dressed up in seductive sheer black nylons with cheery red stocking tops! The sheer material feels so good as I run my fingertips up and down my legs. Standing atop red patent high heels I feel so sexy and like a total femme fatale! It starts getting hot in here as i play with my lingerie clad curves getting off on that smooth sensation!
  Pantyhose Tease 48 Photos + Video June 13, 2014   Teasing you on a beautiful afternoon in these spectacular champagne hue pantyhose with kinky zig zag backseams! The shade of the sheer material matches my skin tone perfectly making it appear I am wearing nothing at all! Until... I turn around and sweet seams run up my thighs!
  Kinky Girl 78 Photos June 6, 2014   Showing off my love, passion and utter obsession with my kinky peds in this delicious photoset! Dolled up in a pervy little latex lingerie number revealing my perky nipples! I tease you with my long stocking clad legs as I slowly slide them off all the while pointing, flexing and getting seriously turned on!
  Barefoot Fantasy 57 Photos May 30, 2014   Imagine coming home from a long day at work to find me waiting eagerly at the door in nothing more than a skimpy see through fishnet mini dress, my perfect long legs and luscious barefeet greeting you. Standing high on my toes accentuating my womanly curves I have the look of pure naughtiness set in my green eyes.
  Afternoon Delight 46 Photos + Video May 23, 2014   When it's a beautiful day here at home, I love to make the most of it. Wearing my pretty pink dress, I strap on a pair of well worn, pink & black heels and head outside for a little bit of foot fun. I tease as I dangle and slip off my heels, exposing my soft, bare wrinkled soles.
  My Manolos 46 Photos + Video May 16, 2014   Dressed up for an afternoon lunch with my girlfriends & cocktails afterwards. I decided to buckle on my lusciously used & abused Manolo Blahnik high heels. The sweet perk about these lovelies is the personalized autograph by Manolo himself, right on the soles!
  Rose Bud Heels 54 Photos May 9, 2014   Dolled up for a night on the town in a sleek black evening dress and a spectacular pair of heels. The best part of my choice of footwear for the evening is the gorgeous rose design positioned on the very tops of my pretty toes. Someone is going to get lucky tonight unwrapping my flower adorned piggies!
  Wild Wolford's 64 Photos May 2, 2014   Adorned in a superbly wild pair of Wolford pantyhose in a stunning brick red hue. My legs are covered in wild black designs causing quite a stir! I get off on the feeling on the luscious hose material covering my long gams as I play with them in fun poses eventually slipping them off in a provocateur position!
  Retro Babe 82 Photos April 25, 2014   I slipped on the most amazing pair of full fashioned stockings in this exquisite retro styled photoset. You are going to go bonkers the second you lay your eyes upon my delicious stocking clad legs! A gorgeous champagne hue matching my skin tone perfectly complete with black seams, yummy! Stockings & lingerie by.
  What Should I Wear? 69 Photos + Video April 18, 2014   Trying to decide the right shoes to wear out for my date tonight. I try on 4 different pairs until I find the right ones. I am looking for something that makes me feel like a total vixen and shows off my feet perfectly too of course! Help me pick the sassiest pair!
  Pretty in Purple 47 Photos April 11, 2014   Dolled up in a stunning pair of Versace high heels in a gorgeous purple satin. I adore the design of these high heels because they show off all my best assets! From the arch to the wrinkled soles and my adorable little piggies. I am in foot fetish heaven in these delightful shoes!
  Filthy Prada Heels 51 Photos + Video April 4, 2014   Wearing an incredibly filthy pair of high heels that I have worn and abused countless times out on the town! I tease as I dangle these dirty Prada heels off of my pretty feet. The only thing I need now is a willing slave to lick clean the filth on these lovely soles!
  Foot Erotic Woman 62 Photos March 28, 2014   I am the most foot erotic woman you will ever meet. I absolutely love having my feet touch, fondled, licked, sucked, poked and prodded. I will take it anyway I can get it and I especially love playing with my own feet solo. It feels so good giving my saucy little peds attention!
  Star Vintage Full Fashioned 88 Photos March 21, 2014   I slipped on a pair of decadent full fashioned nylons called "Star". What I adore about these luscious nylons is the sensational design at the ankle and the sheerness on my soles. I love looking down to admire my wrinkled soles and delicious little piggies underneath the erotic material.
  Mutual Foot Worship 47 Photos March 14, 2014   Playing around with my sexy girlfriend I convince her to slide off her cute shoes, of course I have an ulterior motive as I just can't wait to taste her feet! Before I know I have her gorgeous feet deep in my mouth and I slide my naughty feet right into hers making a sexy mutual foot worship!
  Fishnet Fun 103 Photos March 7, 2014   Dressed up in a sassy fashion with delicate nipple tassels adorning my ladies. Beautiful sheer tie side panties ready to be untied at any moment. Fishnets high on my thighs and as soon as my stunning red soled Pigalle high heels fall off my naughty peds are ready for some kinky action!
  Stocking Strut part 2 100 Photos February 28, 2014   I slowly strip off my bra yet I decide to keep my legs stocking clad, I think you will agree that it spices things up a bit!I take both shoes off revealing my RHT nylon covered feet. and my fingertips up and down my nylons, it turns me on and I love knowing that you are watching me.
  Stocking Strut 114 Photos February 21, 2014   You catch me just as I was getting undressed for the evening. I had a lovely night out with some friends and now am winding down for the night. I slipped off my cocktail dress revealing my beautiful lingerie ensemble. Silky smooth stockings adorning my long gams and I tease as I slip my high heels off my pretty peds.
  Red Fishnet & Spiked Heels 28 Photos February 14, 2014   Stiletto spiked heels buckled on my naughty feet as my legs are covered in saucy cherry red fishnets. I'm in a playful mood admiring my spiked heels and the luscious arch they create on my precious peds. It feels so good forcing them into this divine shape and looks so hot too!
  Seams & Stilettos 60 Photos + Video February 7, 2014   A perfect combination in seams and stilettos. Champagne hue pantyhose like a sheer silk with a delightful black toe detailing and luscious backseams which you can follow your way to heaven. On my kinky peds is a killer pair of extreme stilettos but don't worry, my heels find their way off so I can show off my hosed feet!
  Stockings & Heels 63 Photos + Video January 31, 2014   I'm in the mood to play a little bit of dress up fun, with my sexy feet & legs, and I have the perfect pair of seamed stockings & patent heels to get me off. The soft shine of the nylon looks and feels so good as I slide them on, inch by inch. Once they're all the way up, I slip on a hot pair of fetish heels and admire the look of my sexy nylon wrapped stems.
  Seductive Stilettos 46 Photos + Video January 24, 2014   All dolled up with no where to go, lounging around on my nice king size bed adorned in sultry lingerie, seamed stockings and a lovely pair of seductive stilettos. I know how much you adore a woman in stockings and especially her soles and toes too. I give you one wild ride as I tease & torment with my delicious stocking clad peds.
  Super Silky Smooth 55 Photos + Video January 17, 2014   Playing sexy sultry leg and foot fetish tease games in these super silky smooth sheer pantyhose! I slide my glossy red painted fingernails down underneath the sheer material that covers my derriere as I grind and gyrate. Slowly i slip off my high heels and give you a wonderful eyeful of my hose covered toes and soles.
  Sexy Lotion Soles 53 Photos + Video January 10, 2014   My feet are in need of a little attention and what better way to pamper my precious peds than nice thick creamy lotions to get my soles all nice and soft. I squirt a tube of cream all over my toes and soles as I rub it all in good. It feels so nice and looks absolutely divine! Now my tootsies are super moisturized!
  Ultra Shine 69 Photos + Video January 3, 2014   I love receiving gifts from fans! I recently got these exquisite "ultra shine" pantyhose in the mail and just could not wait to slip my long legs into them. Boy was I excited by the smooth, thin texture and super shine! They felt absolutely amazing on, I just couldn't concentrate on anything other than these yummy hose!
  Interview with Emily Marilyn pt 4 Video December 27, 2013   This is the last segment of my 4 part interview! Learn all about my love for a very tall stiletto high heel and why exactly it turns me on so much! Also get an in depth glimpse as to why I adore dirty soles as much as I do! This interview is a fantastic way to get to know the REAL ME!
  Interview with Emily Marilyn pt 3 Video December 20, 2013   Part 3 of my very candid interview chatting about my very own personal foot fetish! In this clip I tell you all about the color of toe nail polish I prefer and why. I also go in to detail about why I like wearing stockings and what types of shoes I enjoy wearing!
  Interview with Emily Marilyn pt 2 Video December 13, 2013   This video is part 2 of a candid in depth interview discussing my obsession with my own pervy soles! Here I explain my love for a fun game called bastinado and where exactly i want the cane to hit! I also get into my passion for having my toes spread and a little secret about how I sleep too!
  Interview with Emily Marilyn pt 1 Video December 6, 2013   This is the first part of a super cute and detailed interview about my love for feet! In this clip I talk about how exactly my foot fetish started and when. This is a very candid discussion where I talk about secret kinky ways I played with my naughty peds as a sexually adventurous teen!
  Frilly Lingerie & Sexy Soles 52 Photos + Video November 29, 2013  

I have a not so secret obsession with dressing up my legs in sexy leg fashion. I also adore lovely lingerie to hold onto my womanly curves. I slipped into a sheer frilly number and clipped my vintage seamed stockings high on my thighs now watch as I drive you totally wild with passion as I slide these nylons right off!

  Lustful Legs 65 Photos November 22, 2013  

My legs are long, perfect and full of sexual lust. They look amazing dolled up in stockings especially sexy sheer black stockings! Clipped high on my thighs with my seductive lace garter belt I play with my sultry gams and get off on the feeling of my beautiful feet pointed in these extreme high heels! Foot & leg fetish heaven!

  Sheer Nylon Toes 64 Photos + Video November 15, 2013   I have a huge fetish for my very own feet, I like to call it "Foot Erotic". One of my kinky foot fetish pleasures is dressing my pervy peds and sexy gams in exquisite sheer nylons. I love wiggling my naughty toes through the see through material once my raunchy high heels have slowly dangled right off!
  Yours for the Taking 28 Photos + Video November 8, 2013  

Completely nude and ready to be ravaged while sprawled out on this nice hard wooden table. My bare feet are screaming out for some hot action and your mouth would be the perfect entertainment. Get your tongue ready for i need some serious foot worshipping to make me happy!

  Crawling on my Knees 30 Photos November 1, 2013  

With natural sunlight dipping down through the windows and gleaming on my warm skin I find myself on my knees crawling over to you. Dressed in only sheer Wolford pantyhose I point my ballerina toes perfectly as I move closer and closer your way. I am yearning for you to grope my fine hosed legs & peds.

  Powder Pink 72 Photos October 25, 2013  

Showing off my long gams in these unique powder pink stockings! I tease and torment causing you to drool uncontrollably as I pose my hot legs in all sorts of hot positions. My pretty peds standing tall in sexy high heels, I am your dream doll in powder pink bliss.

  Sexy Seams 29 Photos October 18, 2013  

Modeling a fabulous pair of seamed Wolford pantyhose! They have zig zag seams with cute pink bows on top not only on the back side but on the front side as well! You know what that means? Not only do I look cute coming but I look even cuter going as well!

  Fishnet Fun 67 Photos + Video October 11, 2013  

Look at how sexy this hot pink & black fishnet bodysuit is. It's such a turn on being able to see my bare skin straight through the netting. I love how it wraps tightly around my entire body, especially my soft and sensual feet. Spreading my toes feels so good when they're wrapped up in fishnet.

  Stocking Play 56 Photos + Video October 4, 2013  

I love the look and feel of my long legs and sexy feet covered in a pair of soft seamed stockings. Seeing my perfect soles through the nylon makes me want to have a little bit of foot fun. Inch by inch I slide each stocking off, just to the tips of my toes, and that's when the fun begins.

  Bare Soles 43 Photos + Video September 27, 2013  

I'm in the mood for a little bit of rest and relaxation, and on a beautiful day like this, who can blame me? It feels so good to be able to lay barefoot on a soft luxurious bed. My soft wrinkled soles are calling out for some much needed attention. Watch as I admire and caress my perfect peds.

  Femme Fatale 53 Photos + Video September 20, 2013   It's a cold day in London making it a perfect time to slip on a pair of Wolford pantyhose. After a stroll around town and back in my flat I got down and dirty playing with my pantyhose covered legs and feet. Feeling like a total femme fatale in these killer black printed Wolford hose!
  Silky & Sheer 63 Photos + Video September 13, 2013   Not only do my feet turn me on but combine the sensuality of my kinky peds with a pair of silky smooth nylons and killer stiletto heels forcing me high on my toes and you have one crazed horny woman! I just can't help myself as I slip my heels off and rub the tips on my wet pussy. Soon I reach an incredible orgasm!
  Barefoot Beauty 48 Photos + Video September 6, 2013   Feeling like a pure classic barefoot beauty frolicking in nothing more than lace bra & panties and adorable jewels on my slender toes. I give you a great show with my luscious leg poses and my stunning toe points showcasing my awesome wrinkled soles. I have some of the best feet in the biz!
  Sexy Seamed hose 53 Photos + Video August 30, 2013   I just adore how my long perfect legs look in these amazing stocking/garter designed pantyhose complete with a kinky backseam! Printed hose is one of my fetishes as I just love adorning my legs in luscious designs! Now all I need is an eager man to worship these pantyhose clad gams!
  My Birkenstocks 50 Photos + Video August 23, 2013   In a cute summer's dress wearing my extremely worn in birkenstocks sandals. I show you why these sandals are so sexy in my opinion as I slip them off exposing how my toes have left a kinky foot fetish inspired imprint on the soles of the shoes!
  Pretty in Pink 41 Photos + Video August 16, 2013   Enjoying a summer's day in the shade admiring my adorable toe ring and anklet on my sexy bare feet. With newly painted glossy red toes I am feeling super vampish and ready for some foot fetish fun. My soles soft and lickable as I tease you with my delicious peds.
  Heavenly Heels 54 Photos + Video August 9, 2013   My sexy arches and red painted toes look amazing in this hot pair of strapped stilettos. I get my self all hot and bothered when I admire how exposed my feet are. Watch me dangle these baby's on the tips of my toes until I'm left barefoot to enjoy my beautiful wrinkled soles and curvy arches.
  Red Hot 58 Photos + Video August 2, 2013   Just the thought of having my feet in a sexy pair of stockings really gets me going. I love watching my little toes wiggle around through that smooth, sheer nylon and the feeling of it wrapped around my feet and all the way up my long legs is such a turn on. Watch me slide these babys off for a little bit of stocking pleasure.
  Pantyhose Play 48 Photos + Video July 26, 2013   I love slipping on a pair of beautiful Wolford pantyhose. Inch by inch I slide these rose printed beauties over my feet, up my long legs, and all the way up to my sexy waist. Just the sight of my soft soles, toes and arches through a hot pair of hose makes me red hot.
  Come to My Office 55 Photos + Video July 19, 2013   I notice you eyeing my luscious strappy sandals out in the hallway. I have a feeling you might be a "foot guy" and decide it would be fun to tease and torment you with my sweet little peds. I order you into my office where I give you a very sexy and sensual leg and foot tease with my lovely strappy high heels!
  Seamed Nylons 45 Photos + Video July 12, 2013   Slipping on a pair of stunning two tone fully fashioned seamed nylons for a fun foot and leg fetish romp on my bed. It feels so good feeling the seductive thin material on my long legs and delicately gracing my lovely wrinkled soles and sweet red painted piggies. I am in absolute foot fetish heaven!
  Night on the Town 44 Photos + Video July 5, 2013   Ready for a fun filled evening with you on a night out on the town. I enter in a slinky little black dress and peep town high heels. Of course I know you prefer a woman barefoot more than anything so I get you all excited by sliding my shoes off and going out barefoot instead!
  Nylon Leg Tease 52 Photos + Video June 28, 2013   All dolled up in another one of my seductive lingerie outfits with silky smooth nylons high on my thighs attached to a satin garter belt. I tease and torment showing off my beautiful gams as I slowly and seductively slide each stocking off my long legs.
  Arch Slap 47 Photos + Video June 21, 2013   I am in the mood for a little kinky foot fetish fun and my arches are crying out for some much needed punishment so its a perfect time to slap my arches! As you may know I have very sensitive arches and I just love having them slapped! It feels so good in a very naughty way.
  Chéri 57 Photos + Video June 14, 2013   The second you see my long perfect legs in these stunning "Cheri" Wolford hose you are going to beg for my legs and feet to be rubbing all over you! Not only is the decadent design seriously sexy with the front seams, backseams and adorable bows but the feeling of the material is absolutely divine.
  Bare 49 Photos June 7, 2013   Totally bare showing off my perfectly freshly manicured toes painted a luscious cherry red. With my cute little toes glistening in the sun I rub my cute little peds together pointing and flexing. My wrinkled soles look unbelievable while my sweet little piggies are ready for some real fun!
  Sweet Nylon Fun 68 Photos + Video May 31, 2013   Dressed up just for you in nothing more than a lacey garter belt, a stunning pair of killer stilettos that dip delicately off my sexy peds and the best part here are my sensational stockings! Fully fashioned complete with keyhole, backseam & a beautiful design at the ankle. Wait til you see my hot peds in these!
  Pretty Feet 42 Photos + Video May 24, 2013   Lounging around on a warm summer's day enjoying the heat of the sun. I've been running around barefoot all day and finally take a break to enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation in my sweet little sun dress. I kick my luscious peds up and rub them together giving them some much needed attention.
  Poolside Cabana 49 Photos May 17, 2013   Getting ready for a dip in the pool enjoying the heat of the California desert. I start off in my pink bikini and a par of patent pumps which slip right off before you know it! Standing tall on my toes I give a great point showing off my luscious curves and delicious wrinkled soles.
  Sheer Black Pantyhose 54 Photos + Video May 10, 2013   Feeling super sexy in these lovely Logic Wolford sheer black pantyhose! Dressed in nothing more than these stunning sheer hose and a pair of beautiful stiletto high heels adorning my pretty feet. With my toes forced into a severe arch from the heel I get so turned on that I just can't help myself....
  Fun in the Garden 82 Photos May 3, 2013   Sensual foot fetish fun in the garden as I invite you over for an afternoon romp in the warm Californian sun. I see you eyeing my stocking clad toes so decide to give you a sexy game of foot fetish tease and titillation! I slowly strip down to bare legs and stunning toe points.
  Barefoot Girl Stocking Lover 69 Photos April 26, 2013   I am completely addicted to wearing thin, sheer, silky smooth stockings on my long, lean legs. In fact my legs were meant to wear stockings! Adorned in a feminine lace lingerie ensemble with a stellar pair of gorgeous stockings attached high on my thighs with my lovely garters & patent stiletto heels on my perfect peds.
  Barefoot Girl Barefoot Girl 68 Photos April 19, 2013   Lounging in my kitchen starting off with a nice bra and panty set on but bare legged and of course barefeet! Toe pointing and flexing while I display my luscious wrinkled soles as I slowly and sedutively strip off my fine attire. I end up totally bare with a beautiful pair of feet that are just screaming out to be worshiped!
  Beautiful Stockings Beautiful Stockings 52 Photos + Video April 12, 2013   Dressed up in a stunning pair of barely there stockings complete with a beautiful design on my ankles. These babies are absolutely stunning on my long, lean legs and curvy wrinkled soles. You can see all my hot details underneath the super sheer nylon. I am in total stocking heaven wearing these beautiful things!
  Sexy Shoe Dangle Sexy Shoe Dangle 43 Photos + Video April 5, 2013   I am such a sensation slut when it comes to my very own sexy peds. I love the way it feels strutting around in high heels but better yet I love the feeling when my high heels slowly dangle and fall right off my hot feet. Seductive toe points and wrinkled soles complete this mouth watering scene. I will leave you begging for more.
  Playing Dress Up Playing Dress Up 68 Photos + Video March 29, 2013   I'm in the mood for a little bit of dress up fun. The look and feel of silky smooth seamed stockings and high fetish heels just drives me wild. Inch by inch I slide the stockings al the way up my sexy long legs. The sheer black allows a stunning view of my perfect feet. When I'm all done, I strap on a pair of T-strap stilettos that show off my hot toe cleavage.
  Creamy Arches Creamy Arches 52 Photos + Video March 22, 2013   I just love to keep my sexy soles nice and soft. So when I'm in the mood to play with my silky soft feet, a small bottle of cream goes a really long way. Sole to sole, I slide my perfect peds together, and the more I rub, the better it feels. Wouldnt you love to help me?
  Stocking Play Stocking Play 60 Photos + Video March 15, 2013   I'm in the mood for some sexy stocking play. I can't get enough of the sensation of the silky smooth nylon caressing my body, from my beautiful breasts all the way down to my perfect toes, it just drives me wild. Inch by inch I slowly slide them on my perfect peds, all the way up to the top of my gorgeous long legs.
  Up Close & Sexy Up Close & Sexy 65 Photos + Video March 8, 2013   I have a perfect pair of stunning peds that deserve and demand all the attention they can get. I am a very foot erotic woman and nothing drives me more wild with sexual passion than showing off and playing with this babies! All the dips and curves add to the excitement and don't forget I have a pair of lovely high arches!
  Lace Top Stockings photos and video foot fetish Lace Top Stockings 53 Photos + Video March 1, 2013   I'm absolutely in love with how my long, lean legs look in this spectacular lace patterned thigh highs! The best part of course if the sheer part exposing my kissable toes and wrinkled soles! I play with my stocking clad legs while wiggling my sweet piggies and giving you a mouth watering leg and foot tease.
  Sexy In Stockings Barefoot Fun Video February 20, 2013   I have a pair of sexy feet that just love to be played with, admired and fondled. Any chance I get I am thrilled to show off my passion and lust for my own kinky peds. They just never get enough attention! It's true, I am insatiable when it comes to playing with my sensitive soles, arches and cute little toes!
  Barefoot Fun Barefoot Fun 62 Photos February 16, 2013   I love to have a little fun with my precious peds. It feels so good walking around barefoot without any shoes or socks on. I feel so free and my cute piggies can wiggle around at will. I just adore rubbing my sexy wrinkled soles and admiring my lovely arches. I just can never get enough barefoot fun!
  Sexy In Stockings Sexy In Stockings 90 Photos February 12, 2013   I admire myself in the mirror while dressed up in lingerie on a beautiful sunny day. My long legs are adorned with gorgeous black stockings with a silver back seam that goes all the way down to my sexy feet. Inch by inch I slide them off to reveal my perfect arches and wrinkled soles.
  Erotic Soles foot fetish barefeet Feels So Good Video February 8, 2013   Being the naughty foot girl that I am, I just can't get enough of my smooth sexy soles. My perfect arches are amazing to look at, and even more amazing to feel. When my bare feet need attention, I definitely make sure they get it.
  Erotic Soles foot fetish barefeet Feels So Good 80 Photos February 4, 2013   Spending the day lounging around barefoot wearing nothing but satin pink panties & little white lace gloves. My sexy feet are demanding some much needed attention, so why not take advantage of the chance to rub my silky smooth peds and get playful with my soft wrinkled soles. It always feels oh so good.
  Erotic Soles foot fetish barefeet Erotic Soles Video January 31, 2013   My tender soles are screaming out for some erotic attention. I stuff my mouth full of my red glossy painted piggies, licking and sucking to my hearts content. My beautiful peds taste out of this world! I know I've been selfish, would you like a taste for yourself?
  Erotic Soles foot fetish barefeet Erotic Soles 68 Photos January 27, 2013   Lounging on my lush bed in a seductive lace teddy and no shoes at all. Sensational toe points as I display my gorgeous erotic soles. I lay back and rub my fingertips over the soft skin as I moan in ecstasy. I take my toes into my red glossy lips and mouth and suck on my cute little piggies getting them sopping wet with my tongue.
  Lovely Wrinkled Soles foot fetish tease in stockings and high heels Worship My Pretty Feet Video January 23, 2013   Seductively I slip my stockings off and demand that you get on your knees and crawl towards me. Are you ready to be my obedient little foot boy? Get to work and impress me with your worshipping skills. I have a perfect set of soles and toes that need your mouth and tongue all over them!
  Lovely Wrinkled Soles foot fetish tease in stockings and high heels Worship My Pretty Feet 78 Photos January 19, 2013   Teasing you in a gorgeous sheer blue lingerie set complete with a stunning pair of beige seamed stockings and pink patent pumps. I dip and dangle my high heels until they slowly fall off my pretty little feet exposing my wrinkled soles underneath the soft thin material of my nylon stockings which of course come off soon after!
  Decadent Foot Tease Decadent Foot Tease Video January 15, 2013   Dressed for a fun night out on the town in a cute fur cuffed top and lace lingerie with sheer stockings. I invite you over before I finish getting dressed and tease you with my lovely feet. I give you one hell of a tease and talk about trampling all over your face with my decadent soles. Get ready for a fun foot fetish ride.
  Sexy High Heels Leg and Foot Tease Video January 11, 2013   I just love how my soft wrinkly soles look underneath the sheerness of my gorgeous stockings. Right in the high arches of my pretty little feet you can see all the fine details my sexy peds have to offer as I point and flex my luscious toes and dangle my hot heels until they slip right off. Welcome to foot and leg fetish heaven.
  Sexy High Heels Leg and Foot Tease 79 Photos January 7, 2013   Dressed in a divine pair of sheer pink stockings with a stunning black backseam and patterned foot. I lift my knee skirt up to show off my stocking tops as I pose my perfect legs and dangle my killer stilettos. Dangling, flexing and pointing my perfect high heel clad feet. I seduce you as I suck the thin stiletto heel while giving you a fantastic leg and foot tease.
  Sexy High Heels Fun Foot Play Video January 3, 2013   Follow me into a sexy fun game of foot fetish heaven. Once my cute high heels pop off you will pop a load out of pure excitement seeing all the hot positions I pose my perfect peds in. Once I get my soles all gooey with white cream and rub it in arch to arch you will have popped a few times in a row, I'm sure of it!

Sexy High Heels Fun Foot Play 80 Photos December 30, 2012   I start out walking in with a killer pair of peep toe high heels which soon slide right off my stellar feet. I give you a great round of dipping, dangling and pointing as I tease you with my soft soles! I grab a bottle of lotion and squirt it all over my pointed bare feet and rub it all in arch to arch. You will LOVE what you see.

Seductive Stocking Foot Tease Seductive Stocking Foot Tease Video December 26, 2012   Dangling my sexy high heels I tease you until they slowly drop off exposing my luscious stocking clad soles and arches. The thin sheer material looks so amazing on my soles. I know how much it drives you crazy with foot fetish passion because it does exactly the same to me! Play with me in a game of seductive stocking foot tease.

Seductive Stocking Foot Tease Seductive Stocking Foot Tease 78 Photos December 22, 2012   I slipped on a pair of brand new stockings in a hue called "biscuit". My first experience wearing these stockings and definitely not the last! I admit I am quite a snob when it comes to my brand and material of stocking. I prefer only the best! I take you for a seductive stocking foot tease in this sexy set!

She's a vamp video She's a Vamp : Part 2 Video December 18, 2012   I brought out your favorite pair of high heels. I know how much you love to see my dainty little feet in these killer stilettos and to top it off I even slipped on a toe ring for your visual enjoyment. Watch as I slide these shoes on and give you toe points and flexes of a lifetime! But wait... it gets even better once I dangle them off. I offer you my stocking clad toes and soles as I wiggle them around in your face.

Champagne Stockings Video Champagne Stockings Video December 14, 2012   There is nothing sexier than a woman in a pair of stockings and in this case a pair of champagne colored with a sensual backseam going up the backs of my legs all the way to the tops of my thighs. I am in absolute euphoria and I just can't hide it. I tease you as I slip my nylons off exposing all that's underneath.

Champagne Stockings Champagne Stockings 84 Photos December 10, 2012   My legs look divine in my silky smooth champagne hue stockings. They end high on my thigh with a beautiful black top, backseam and patterned foot. I run my delicate fingertips over the smooth nylon and take it all in. Slowly i slide these gorgeous sheer stockings off showcasing my perfect peds and glossy toes.

Red Passion Red Passion Video December 6, 2012   In a deep red painted bedroom I slip off my decadent patent high heels and play with my gorgeous bare feet. First I scrap the bottoms of my luscious soles with the sharp tip of my heels then I playfully point and flex showing off all my curves on my stunning wrinkled soles. Wiggling my toes I give you a wink and a smile.

Red Passion Red Passion 62 Photos December 2, 2012   Red is the passion for love, lust and desire and I encourage all of those intense feelings in this red room with my red hair, lingerie and patent stiletto heels. Even my fingernails and toes are painted a glossy cherry red. Full of passion I dangle my lovely heels and play a lovely game of toe points and wrinkled soles.

Vivienne Wolford hose Vivienne Wolford Hose 83 Photos November 28, 2012   I have a thing for pantyhose. More specifically, I have a thing for Wolford pantyhose. They feel so exquisite on my legs. Insanely smooth and absolutely heavenly! Here I'm wearing my brand new pair of Vivienne Wolford hose with a stunning design. Wait until i drop off my stiletto heels and spread my cute little toes through the sheer fabric. You will be gasping for air out of absolute excitement and delight!

She's a vamp video She's a Vamp : Part 1 Video November 24, 2012   I know we are supposed to go out for the night but I have better plans for our evening which involves keeping you captivated and in a trance full of leg & foot fetish euphoria. I know how much you love fully fashioned and RHT stockings as much as I do. I have a bag full of luscious nylons just waiting to be tried on.

She's a vamp photos foot fetish stockings She's a Vamp 77 Photos November 20, 2012   Dressed in sexy business attire I just can't hold myself back from putting you under my vampy spell. I lift my knee skirt up showing the tops of my gorgeous vintage stockings. Next comes a fun game of high heel dangle until they drop giving you an eyeful of my stocking clad heels. I slip on another pair of stockings & give you an even bigger game of vampy leg, stocking, high heel and foot fetish tease!

Dangling Heels Video Dangling Heels Video November 16, 2012   Seductively I slip on pair after pair of my stunning high heels all the while pointing, dipping and dangling revealing my spectacular feet. With my red painted toes glistening in the light I know all you want to do is stick your tongue between them and lick eagerly. My soles could use a good worship while you are at it too!

Dangling Heels Dangling Heels 109 Photos November 12, 2012   Feeling frisky with my sexy feet and soles I try on various high heels at home on my couch. Of course I don't just put them on and take them on... instead i play a serious game of shoe dangle and mega sexy foot tease! Drool over my luscious wrinkled soles, divine arches and perfect wiggling toes!

Fishnet Tease Fishnet Tease Video November 8, 2012   I tease you with my fishnet clad legs and ask how bad do you want to see and admire my perfect bare feet? I want to hear you beg out loud! Good boy, here is your reward, my stunning wrinkled toes and luscious wiggling toes right in your face, now lick up my delicious toes!

Fishnet Tease Fishnet Tease 87 Photos November 4, 2012   All dolled up in a sexy pair of see through fishnet stockings and a pair of killer heels that I dangle so delicately. Once they are off I tease and titillate showing off my awesome soles through the sexy material. My feet have never looked better! Lovely red glossy painted toes and perfect wrinkled soles.

The Pool Girl Barefoot Pool Girl 122 Photos October 31, 2012   Enjoying a beautiful sunset by the pool in a shiny latex dress and no shoes at all! Totally barefoot I play in the pool with my eager little tootsies and sassy piggies. The water feels so nice as I splash around and play to my hearts content. Toe points and lots of wrinkled soles!

Hose & Heels Pop Hose & Heels Pop Video October 27, 2012   My sheer hose feel so yummy on my legs & feet and with my crippling high heels tight on my soles it's a double whammy of pure pleasure! Slowly I dangle my stilettos until they delicately fall right off my tootsies, take them in hand as I suck the toe box and rub the other on my pantyhose covered flower until... you guessed it, I pop!

Hose & Heels Pop Hose & Heels Pop 74 Photos October 23, 2012   Wearing silky smooth nylon pantyhose with a pair of killer stiletto high heels turns me on to no end! I find the experience oh so arousing and I just can't get enough! I don't exactly what it is that turns my twinkies but instead of explaining it I just show you what it does to me! I'm so insatiable when it comes to my sexy feet!

Sheer Stocking Tease Video Sheer Stocking Tease Video October 19, 2012   I just adore my legs in stockings and better yet the vision of my beautiful soles, arches and toes through the lovely sheer nylon material that delicately graces over my feet. These stockings just happen to have a naughty run in them so I slowly slide them off and give you one hell of a foot tease!

Sheer Stocking Tease Sheer Stocking Tease 87 Photos October 15, 2012   Gorgeous sheer black stockings high on my thighs while I wear a stunning pair of high heeled sandals. My shoes allow for great views on every angle of my precious peds. I slowly slip them off to display stunning sheer soles of my nylons. Tons of toe points and wrinkled soles to drool all over!

Naked Naked! 67 Photos October 11, 2012   Rolling around in the beautiful backyard on top of the freshly watered green grass. I've left all my clothes inside including my shoes! Totally naked enjoying the cool breeze and warm sun. I play around with my precious feet spreading my toes, giving great points and scrunching up my lovely wrinkled soles!

Rub a dub dub Sexy Hose & Italian Made Heels 72 Photos October 7, 2012   Nothing more on than a pair of super sexy shiny seamless pantyhose and a pair of my brand new killer metallic pearl Italian made high heels! Toe points and a lovely game of shoe dangling is in store for you. Once my sweet heels delicately drop off I offer my hose covered toes of which my gorgeous wrinkled soles shine through!

Rub a dub dub Rub a Dub Dub Video October 3, 2012   If you are any kind of foot lover you will love this video! I take a bath and wash my bad girl feet by soaping up my sexy peds and rubbing my gorgeous wrinkled soles together! Great close ups of my dancing toes and stunning bare soles with all the soap suds. This video will leave you very satisfied.

Rub a dub dub Rub a Dub Dub 70 Photos September 29, 2012   It's time to give my naughty, dirty feet a bath and clean them up good! I dip my bad girl peds in the hot bath water & suds up my soles. Of course I make anything dealing with my feet into an erotic foot fetish game and taking a bath is no different! Foot erotic tease as I rub my sensual high arches sole to sole!

Orange Crush Orange Crush Video September 25, 2012   Enjoying a hot morning in the desert under the nice shade of a big beautiful tree. Lounging on a bright orange lawn chair dressed in matching footless tights & pink patent pumps! I dangle my sexy heels exposing all the exciting parts my luscious feet have to offer from my toes, soles, arches & lovely wrinkles!

Orange Crush Orange Crush 81 Photos September 21, 2012   Dolled up in beautiful bright orange footless tights, cute little bra and matching nails to boot! I dangle off my hot pink pumps until my cute feet are exposed while giving you an awesome show of toe points, high arches and lovely wrinkled soles as I suck the thin heel of my divine fetish shoes.

Gucci Strappy Sandals Strappy Sandals Video September 17, 2012   I slip off my sexy little Gucci sandals and stick my cute toes in your face as I wiggle them around and scrunch them up. I demand that you get a little closer to my pretty peds and get your mouth ready for a fun game of kinky foot worship! Take in my sweet piggies and suck on them like you mean it!

Gucci Strappy Sandals Strappy Sandals 60 Photos September 13, 2012   I LOVE how my pretty feet look in my lovely Gucci black strappy sandals. They are so barely there it's like I have nothing on at all! The cute little strap that is over my toes really accentuates my little piggies and I love the arch the heel forces my feet into. These are the perfect accessories to my already sexy feet!

my red heels My Red Heels HD Video September 9, 2012   It's so fun trying on high heels. I love looking at the high arch my pretty little feet are forced onto. Being high on my toes is so sexy! I also aodre the thin stiletto heel. The red patent leather looks perfect with my sexy little lingerie number and flame red hair... all I need is you in person to trample all over!

my red heels My Red Heels 76 Photos September 5, 2012   I have out my 3 favorite red patent high heels. Each one I adore for different reasons. I give you a fashion show as I slip and dip into these stunning extreme stilettos forcing my pretty feet into a gorgeous arch. My glossy red painted toes look fabulous peeking out of the bright red patent.

laddered stockings Laddered Stockings HD Video September 1, 2012   I turn changing my laddered stockings into an erotic foot fetish game. The nylons feel so naughty as I pull them back and forth between my insatiable bad girl toes. I just can't get enough of this kinky foot play! My feet love all the attention they can get, in fact they demand it!

laddered stockings Laddered Stockings 111 Photos August 28, 2012   Just about to walk out the door for a night on the town with my girlfriends when I suddenly discover a ladder in one of my sheer black stockings. Luckily I happen to have another pair but I can't just change them out without playing a yummy game of foot erotica tease!

Wet Feet make dirty feet video Wet Feet Make Dirty Feet HD Video August 24, 2012   I have this entre yard at my kinky barefoot adventure disposal. I get my feet nice and wet in the pool then move to the sand pit to get them nice and filthy dirty! I stomp all over a mound of rocks in the corner then head over to the hot and sharp fire pit! Listen as I moan and whimper walking across the pebbles!

Wet Feet Make Dirty Feet Wet Feet Make Dirty Feet 78 Photos August 20, 2012   Playing around in the heat of a desert evening. I explore all the various sensations this backyard has to offer. I start in the cool pool then move to the rocks and end up walking on a hot & spiky fire pit full or sharp pebbles! I enjoy the pleasure and endure the pain in this naughty foot torture set!

menage a trois Ménage à Trois 129 Photos August 16, 2012   A sweet sexy get together with Anastasia Pierce and Akira Lane. Dolled up in tight silky smooth pantyhose we jump right into a fetish filled ménage à trois! Sexy leg worship through the sheer hose as we all taste one another's nylon covered toes! Anastasia and Akira's feet taste oh so wonderful! I'm in total foot fetish heaven!

Sun kissed soles video Sun Kissed Soles HD Video August 12, 2012   With the beautiful glow of the setting sun I slip off my luscious pink heels to admire my stocking covered wrinkled soles. I point my pretty toes displaying my perfect high arches and lovely red painted toes as I scrap my long fingernails up and down. My feet look absolutely amazing underneath such sheer soft nylon.

sun kissed soles video Sun Kissed Soles 77 Photos August 8, 2012   As the hot desert sun sets behind the surrounding Las Vegas mountains I bathe in the bright light glistening light dolled up in sheer lingerie and even sheerer stockings. Making out with the heel of my stilettos I then play with my incredibly wrinkled soles showing so perfectly through my erotic nylon clad peds.

Sultry Dangle In Fishnets Sultry Dangle In Fishnets HD Video August 4, 2012   After a long day of walking in my sexy black leather pumps I sit down to rest and kick my long legs up. I dangle my precious pumps til they delicately slip right off my fishnet hose covered toes. It feels so good to get my fine tootsies out of these tight heels. Tons of sexy toe points and views of my hot wrinkled soles through the sensual fishnet fabric.

Sultry Dangle In Fishnets Sultry Dangle In Fishnets 95 Photos July 31, 2012   Dressed in a classy black cocktail dress with a stunning pair of fishnet pantyhose to match, I sashay in a top my spectacular 6" spiked stilettos. Dipping my sweet toes in and out of my divine heels, showing off my delicious soles and arches. I end it with a bang as my heels delicately slip off of my precious peds.

My New Pink Heels photos My New Pink Heels HD Video July 27, 2012   Slipping on my shiny pair of hot pink patent pumps my feet look oh so delicious and good enough to eat. Standing tall on my extreme stilettos, I teeter and wobble with each step I take. Dipping and dangling my heels till they fall off, showing off my luscious wrinkled soles as I suck the heel of my patent stiletto.

My New Pink Heels photos My New Pink Heels 89 Photos July 23, 2012   Enjoying a beautiful summer's day high above the ground in my luxurious Vegas Penthouse I grow giddy with excitement as I slip on my brand new pair of hot pink patent stiletto heels. I gush over that fine arch, amazing toe cleavage and that oh so adorable peep toe. I am in utter high heel heaven in these babies!

Polished up tootsies hd video Polished Up Tootsies HD Video July 19, 2012   Not only do I love my feet bare I also love them covered up in a thin layer of shiny latex! My toes and wrinkled soles look so hot! I squirt a load of lube all over my rubber clad feet and pump them nice and good until I get so excited that I fantasize my feet have came! I'm a very kinky foot girl and just can't hide it.

Latex Fetish Polished Up Tootsies 65 Photos July 15, 2012   I indulge in my lust for latex adorned in transparent rubber stockings with matching gloves & hot latex lingerie. My fingertips and toes look so divine through this transparent material so skin tight follow every curve. I show off my intense latex fetish for you to enjoy and admire as I polish up my tootsies nice & good.

Sliletto Lust Stocking Clad Foot Worship 76 Photos July 11, 2012   My girlfriend Ruby came over for a naughty visit. We dressed up in sexy shiny latex and slid silky smooth stockings onto our lvely legs. It wasn't long until Ruby slipped my extreme stilettos off my tootsies and her lip, tongue and mouth were sucking my toes like crazy! Foot worship through beautiful stockings.

Stiletto Lust Stiletto Lust HD Video July 7, 2012   In pure arousal and lust over my black leather spiked heels. Loving how my perfect peds look forced high onto my toes. I dip and dangle giving great visuals of all the lovely curves my feet have to offer all the while stocking clad in sheer nylons. It isn't long before these heels are in my mouth wrapped around my eager lips.

Sliletto Lust Stiletto Lust 80 Photos July 3, 2012   Lusting after a killer pair of leather spiked stilettos. My black seam seamed stockings are the perfect match along with my sexy lace panties & garter. The arch of my foot in these beauties is divine and I just can't get enough! I dangle my heels until they delicately slide off & point my stocking covered toes for your pleasure.

Sensational in Silver HD Video Sensational in Silver HD Video June 29, 2012   Seduction comes in the form of a slow and sultry high heel dangle while I have on the sheerest most beautiful authentic vintage stockings you could ever imagine. You can see every detail of my pretty peds right through this magical material. Foot seduction is the name of this game!

Sensational in Silver Sensational in Silver 71 Photos June 25, 2012   Dressed in a divine shiny silver corset complete with a pair of decadent vintage stockings. I dip and dangle my hot high heels teasing and tormenting until they slowly slip off my naughty toes. Rubbing my stocking clad soles with my long red nails I moan in absolute pure pleasure and ecstacy.

Toe Sucking Babe HD Video Toe Sucking Babe HD Video June 21, 2012   Nude and playful I zone in on my luscious succulent feet. I rev up my passion by pointing and flexing admiring my beautiful wrinkled soles. My toes look so tasty I slip them slowly into my juicy mouth deep throating each and every one. I love sucking on my naughty toes, they taste so good!

Toe Sucking Babe Toe Sucking Babe 67 Photos June 17, 2012   I'm in the mood for a little foot fetish fun and what better what to satisfy my kinky craving than a little game of toe sucking! I wrap my glossy lips around my glittery pink polished toes and suck them nice and good. I get all my little piggies in my mouth not to leave out any one of them! Toe sucking foot fetish fun right here.

Sexy Wrinkled Soles Sensational Seams 63 Photos June 13, 2012   If you are a fan of pantyhose the you will absolutely love this set! My legs are clad in soft, silky Wolford hose in a beautiful champagne hue. The backside is complete with sexy & sensual black backseams that start from the tips of my toes, over my long legs and up to heaven!

Sexy Wrinkled Soles Sexy Wrinkled Soles 63 Photos June 9, 2012   I have a great set of feet which deserve to be showed off! One of my favorite aspects of my sexy peds are the lovely curves, dips and wrinkles my hot soles have to offer. I love pointing my toes and creating all those amazing wrinkles. It leaves my mouth watering and I know yours too!

Wolford Hose High Heels HD Video Wolford Hose & High Heels HD Video June 5, 2012   Walking in my extreme 7" spiked stiletto heels I teetering while forced high on the balls of my feet. Walking slowly and carefully you can hear the click-clack of each and every step I take. Heels like these are crippling yet in a total euphirc way! I'm so addicted to high heels I can bartely walk in, I find it so sexy and hot!

Wolford Hose High Heels Wolford Hose & High Heels 68 Photos June 1, 2012   Dressed in Wolford pantyhose standing tall in 7" extreme spiked stiletto heels. I admire the intense arch of my feet in these amazing heels. They are like sharp daggers extending from my bad girl peds! Paired with my lovely fishnets with snake patterns I'm a fetish feast waiting for some fun action.

I love my feet I Love My Feet HD Video May 28, 2012   I'm such an enthusiast when it comes to my own beautiful feet. In this video I sit back and enjoy the vision of my own luscious peds. Perfectly painted red glossy toes, gorgeous wrinkled soles and my sensational high arches make my feet one of my best assets for sure!

I love my feet I Love My Feet 77 Photos May 24, 2012   I'm just all about my feet because I love them so much! It all started when I attended cosmetology school when I realized my obsession with not only pretty women's feet but more importantly, my own! Soon enough I discovered my own passion for my sensitive soles, precious toes and beautiful arches.

Double Cross Dirty Talk HD Video Double Cross Dirty Talk HD Video May 20, 2012   My sensual double crossed leg pose is driving you absolutely crazy with passion. I top it off my dipping, dangling, flexing and toe pointing. I get straight to the point and talk you through a naughty dirty talk masturbation instruction game all the while teasing you with my hot gams. Cum on my toes now!

Double Cross Dirty Talk Double Cross Dirty Talk 66 Photos May 16, 2012   As I'm casually flipping though a magazine I notice you eyeing my beautifully double crossed legs up and down. You are in luck because I am in the mood for a naughty game of tease to make a man pop. Drool over my sensational legs as I double cross, dip and dangle & demand that you pop all over my precious toes.

Clamp those toes foot torture Clamp those Toes HD Video May 12, 2012   I'm all about feeling different sensations on my feet and toes especially. This afternoon I'm ready to play and have a stash of string and wooden clothespins. Perfect excuse for a naughty big toe tie and a painful game of clamp those toes! Watch and listen as I squeal and squirm!

Clamp those toes foot torture Clamp those Toes 74 Photos May 8, 2012   I'm in the mood for something a little different. This takes me back to when I was a teenager and just discovering my erotic feet. All I need is a thin piece of string and a row of clamps and I am good to go! I tie up my big toes nice and tight then clamp all my sweet little piggies. This hurts oh so good!!

Barefoot Beauty Outside Barefoot Beauty Outside 86 Photos May 4, 2012   Summer is almost here which means it's barefoot weather! Here in Los Angeles the temperatures are already rising which gives me the perfect excuse to walk around with my heels in my hand instead of on my feet. I play in a pile of dust then drop pretty flower petals on my luscious peds. It's time to have some foot fun!

Bare toes in Bora Bora Bare Toes in Bora Bora 89 Photos April 30, 2012   Taking the the rays on top the deck of my over water bungalow in Bora Bora, French Polynesia. The lagoon water is crystal clear and I can see all the colorful fish right beneath me. My toes are painted a cute sparkle glitter pink. Admiring my cute toes as I sit back, point & flex and relax.

Soft Sandy Soles Soft Sandy Soles HD Video April 26, 2012   The sand is so soft and sensual between my glossy red painted toe nails. I wiggle my crimson piggies and watch as the sand delicately falls right off. My skin glows under the bright Mexico sun. Pointing my toes to exaggerate my incredible arches I give you a beautiful foot fetish show on the beach in Tulum.

LA Zoo Barefoot at the Old LA Zoo 112 Photos April 22, 2012   Running through the old abandoned Los Angeles zoo built in the 1930's. I leave my shoes at home and explore the grounds with my sensitive soles. From the old caves where once bears, lions and tigers roamed to the metal cages that housed monkeys. I get my feet all nice and dirty in a historic LA landmark.

Soft Sandy Soles Soft Sandy Soles 62 Photos April 18, 2012   Enjoying a gorgeous afternoon on the beautiful beach of Tulum, Mexico. Getting my foot fetish fix as I play with my feet in the sensational soft sand on the Caribbean coastline. Drooling over my own red painted toe nails and luscious high arches. The amazing sand on my naughty peds sends me to high foot fetish heaven.

Naughty in hose Naughty in Hose 66 Photos April 14, 2012   I enjoy my feet any way I have them. Bare, clothed, with shoes, without shoes. I'm just an overall foot perv and totally get off on just plain attention to my luscious feet and long legs. In a pair of super silky smooth sheer black hose, standing a top a pair of spiked slut stilettos I get pretty naughty & all worked up!

Gummi Worm Toes HD Video Gummi Worm Toes HD Video April 10, 2012   I give you a lesson in snooping, a lesson you will never forget! After catching you sniffing my collection of worn high heels I demand that you get on your hands and knees, grovel over to me and suck sweet candy from between my toes then I order you to play with your hard erection til you cum all over my heels & toes.

Red Stocking Tops Red Stocking Tops 34 Photos April 6, 2012   Dressed for a naughty night on the town in a gorgeous floral dress with my sheer black stockings with bright red stocking tops peaking below the hemline. My legs look longer then ever. My delightful peds stuffed inside my spiked heels but they pop out every so often giving great eyefuls of my sexy arches.

Gummy Worn Toes Gummy Worm Toes 77 Photos April 2, 2012   I caught you sniffing my high heels in the closet you naughty boy! I have the perfect punishment in store for such a bad guy like you. Just follow what I demand and I won't tell a soul. By the time I am through with you your hot cum will be dripping all over my hot pink heels! I hope you have a sweet tooth for gummy worms too.

High Heels High Heels HD Video March 29, 2012   Standing high on my toes in this incredible pair of true 6" stilettos I strut my stuff as you listen to the clip clap of my spikes on the glossy tile surface. Slowly I slide my heels off with a nice dip and dangle then lick and suck my way to foot fetish heaven as I worship my own stilettos.

High Heels High Heels 95 Photos March 25, 2012   One of my major fetishes is wearing extreme heels. What I love about high heels like these it the way my foot is forced high on the toes exaggerating my lovely arch and adding even more curve to my sexy long legs. What I look for is a small toe box and a thing, high, extreme spied stiletto. This makes me pop!

Soft Stockings Soft Stockings HD Video March 21, 2012   I stick my stocking clad toes right in your face and demand that you lick and suck my sweet little piggies right through the soft sheer material that engulfs my pretty feet. High on my toes I show off my insanely high arch and make you quiver with lust. I'm the ultimate foot fetish vixen in this crazy hot video.

Soft Stockings Soft Stockings 86 Photos March 17, 2012   I'm addicted to stockings plus I have the perfect pair of legs and feet to wear them. Sheer black stockings like these only exaggerate what i already have - long legs and hot peds! Watch as I pull a fresh pair of stockings out of their package and slowly slide them on.

Champagne Seams Champagne Seams 68 Photos March 13, 2012   Dressed to the 9's in a pair of amazing champagne colored stockings with a stunning black backseam and patterned foot. I dangle my sexy satin bow mules and pose seductively showing off my lovely legs. Follow me for a fun afternoon of stocking foot and leg fun.

Seductive Soles HD Video Seductive Soles HD Video March 9, 2012   I have a fabulous pair of feet. Every curve, every nook and cranny just radiates sensuality. Dolled up in a barely there lingerie set I grind, gyrate, rub and point my way to lustful foot fetish passion. I smiled and wink teasing you with an eyeful of wrinkled soles and luscious toes.

Seductive Soles Seductive Soles 87 Photos March 5, 2012   Lounging in a teeny tiny strappy bikini with nothing else on I seduce you with my seductive soles. My fingernails and toe nails both painted a matching red which I know you love. Pointing and flexing my hot feet I show off my wrinkles in all the right spots! This is pure foot fetish heaven.

Toe Rings Toe Rings HD Video March 1, 2012   I squirt hot creamy lotion all over my toes and smear it all in by rubbing my sweet feet together. Pointing and flexing my awesome toes I tease and titillate with my gorgeous peds. Once my toes are greased up good I slide on sexy little toe rings onto my long slender toes.

Sexy Sheer Hose Sexy Sheer Hose 98 Photos February 26, 2012   I'm wearing a very slutty vibrant pink mini dress paired up with naughty completely sheer pantyhose that expose my luscious flower and scrumptious toes. These lovely hose are totally see through in between the legs and I find that so incredibly hot! Get ready to chow down on a piece of heaven!

Toe Rings Toe Rings 101 Photos February 22, 2012   Feeling playful and flirty in my pretty sheer nighty and soft bare feet. I squirt a load of hot creamy lotion and watch it ooze between my naughty bad girl toes. In the mood for a little adornment on my piggies I slowly slide on beautiful toe rings and admire my hot peds.

Bow Covered Toes Bow Covered Toes 101 Photos February 18, 2012   My pink glossy toes look stunning and fabulous in these sensational high heeled sandals. The design exposes my sweet little piggies and on top are decorated with an adorable glitter bow. When I strut myself in these heels I am quite the femme fatale and major head turner.

Valentine Sweet Valentine 160 Photos + HD Video February 14, 2012   Vanilla cake with pretty pink frosting and my delicate little toes is the perfect combination for my sweet Valentine treat. I strip off my vintage stockings down to my glossy pink toe nails. I step right into the heart shaped cake getting all the good stuff between my toes & lick it all up good then offer my frosted covered toes for you to enjoy. Lick it up like a good little puppy!

sliding on nylons hd video Sliding on Nylons HD Video February 12, 2012   I get so excited sliding on a lovely pair of nylons in more ways than one! The sensual material makes me weak in the knees and wet in the pussy. I'm such a sensation slut when it comes to soft erotic material like these gorgeous stockings. Slowly I put them on and tease you with the incredible visual.

sliding on nylons Sliding on Nylons 99 Photos February 8, 2012   In nothing more than my birthday suit I am in the mood for something a little silky and smooth on my long pretty legs. I put on a cute lace garter belt and get out a nice pair of lovely beige stockings. My heart starts racing the moment the soft material touches my skin. I just can't hide how turned on I am!

Luscious Peds high heel dangling toe sucking Luscious Peds HD Video February 4, 2012   Dangling my sexy mules until my perfect luscious peds are exposed. I suck on my heel as I fondle my gorgeous soles. Hungry for more I wrap my eager lips around my big toe and deep throat it nice and good. My soles are so sensitive and love all this kinky play!

Luscious Peds high heel dangling toe sucking Luscious Peds 63 Photos January 31, 2012   Lounging in frills and lace with a pair of clear high heel mules on. I tease and torment as I dangle my pretty shoes until they slowly slide right off my sexy feet. Pointing my toes to give you a beautiful view of my lovely soles and luscious arches. I end by licking and sucking my way along my cute little piggies.

Barefoot at Tulum Ruins Tulum Ruins 190 Photos January 27, 2012   The best part of my recent trip to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico was not only exploring all the elaborate ruins but running around barefoot of course! The weather was perfect to go shoeless and I took advantage of that every chance I got. Here I am running around the amazing ruins of Tulum right on the ocean front!

Ballet Heels HD Video Ballet Heels HD Video January 23, 2012   Wearing crippling ballet heels with extreme points I am forced high on my toes. The arch is severe and oh so extreme. I can take it for a while but after some time it's time to slide these babies off to get some relief on my poor little feet. Step by step as I unbuckle and dangle it feel amazing taking these extreme heels off.

Sole Offerings HD Video Sole Offerings HD Video January 19, 2012   I give you want you want as I offer my scrumptious bare soles for your pleasure. Dipping, pointing and flexing showing off every curve and crevice of my sensational feet. I give my soles to you, it's up to you to decided what to do with them and it better be wonderfully kinky!

Ballet Heels Ballet Heels 70 Photos January 15, 2012   Relaxing on a swinging hammock in my birthday suit and a pair of patent ballet heels. I am forced onto my toes in a very extreme arch. I find this sensation of wearing ballet toe point heels to be so insanely erotic because it just hurts so good and I love a little pain on my tender soles.

Sensual Toe Suck HD Video Arousing Toe Suck HD Video January 11, 2011   Dipping and dangling my sexy little clear mules until they conveniently slip right off my pretty little peds. I point and flex my gorgeous bare soles displaying all the right curves and crevices. Hungry for some foot fetish fun I wrap my lips around my big toes and suck them dry.

Sole Offerings Sole Offerings 55 Photos January 7, 2012   I offer you my sexy, sensual, sensational soles for evening of foot fetish fun and mutual enjoyment. I'm a complete foot freak and could use some kinky company. I know what just one look at my perfectly wrinkled soles will do to you... it will drive you wild with delicious pleasure.

Wolford seamed pantyhose fetish Wolford Seams HD Video January 3, 2012   Watch as I grope, caress, fondle my way from the tips of my hose covered toes, up over my long curvy legs until I find the spot that will bring me to euphoria. I love my Wolford hose so much that it's only natural to end a game of dress up play with a nice sensual orgasm.

Wolford seamed pantyhose fetish Wolford Seams 50 Photos December 30, 2011   Luscious toe points, irresistible leg poses and a pair of sensational champagne Wolford pantyhose. Sexpot backseams that run from the tips of my cute little toes to the top of my ass. My eager soles are eager to play while covered in this sensual material.

Warm winter soles stocking leg high heel foot fetish Warm Winter Soles HD Video December 26, 2011   Cozying up on a snowy old winter's day. I'm relaxing by the fireplace in spiked stilettos, fully fashioned stockings & sexy lingerie. I dangle and dip out of my heel and slowly play with my stocking clad legs until I slide my nylons off. Left my bare soles I warm my sweet toes up right against the hot fire.

Dirty Feet Walking on Snow Dirty Feet Walking on Snow HD Video December 22, 2011   Exploring all the different elements nature has to offer all on my sensitive soles. Walking in mud and dirt getting my soles filthy with grime then I challenge myself to walk in the snow! It's not as easy as it may seem. My feet were freezing!

Warm Winter Soles Warm Winter Soles 91 Photos December 18, 2011   Up in the snowy mountains in an old cabin full of character and charm. The only way to keep warm is by this antique fireplace, the perfect way to warm up my frosty soles! I dangle my sexy stilettos until they drop, slide off my gorgeous fully fashioned stockings and cuddle up my toes in front of the hot fire.

Sensual Toe Suck Arousing Toe Suck 49 Photos December 14, 2011   Playing with my soft, curvy, irresistible feet dangling them in my sexy clear mules pointing my toes to exaggerate my sensual high arches. My glossy red painted toe nails look so scrumptious makes me want to suck on my sweet little piggies. I have a feeling that you have the same urge...

London penthouse stockings and high heel tease London Penthouse 90 Photos December 10, 2011   In a luxurious London penthouse suite dressed in my Soiree Agent Provocateur lingerie ensemble with a luscious pair of fully fashioned stockings. Feeling quite stimulated as I caress my sleek nylons I slip my sexy stilettos off to admire the patterned foot. Spend an afternoon with me in foot fetish heaven.

Arousing Soles HD Video Arousing Soles HD Video December 6, 2011   You are on your hands and knees before me ready, willing and eager to service my arousing soles. I order you to lick my feet following every curve, dip and wrinkle my sweet peds have to offer. Wrap your lips around my toes and deep throat my foot. Worship every inch of my delectable soles.

Hose n' heels Hose n' Heels 93 Photos December 2, 2011   Feeling sexy, sensual and downright naughty in my silky smooth beige hose and stunning Gucci pumps. Dangling my heels I admire my high arches and luscious wrinkled soles through the delicate material adorned on my feet. Toe pointing, flexing and treasuring my breathtaking hose covered peds.

Arousing Soles Arousing Soles 83 Photos November 28, 2011   I know what it takes to get you off and that is nice close ups of my wrinkled soles right in your face. You can see every curve, every dip, every single wrinkle and arch my feet have to offer in this steamy foot fetish photo set. I know what you want because I want it too.

Love My Stockings and Heels Love My Stockings & Heels HD Video November 24, 2011   Making love to my high heels as i run my tongue up and down the thin spike. I tongue the patent leather and torture you by teasing and tormenting. I know full well how much you desire to worship my stilettos but today I pleasure myself with my fetishes... stockinged legs and stiletto clad feet.

Soft Sexy Soles Soft Sexy Soles 68 Photos November 20, 2011   Playing around at home with my soft sexy soles. Toe points show off my incredible curves and winkles. The only place where wrinkles are sexy on a woman, the bottom of her feet! Glossy red toes scream out for attention until my lips are wrapped around them licking and sucking.

Love My Stockings and Heels Love My Stockings & Heels 55 Photos November 16, 2011   A pair of patterned silky smooth vintage stockings and a set of black patent spiked stilettos makes me one very happy woman. I can easily satisfy myself licking and sucking the heels of my shoe... who needs a man when I have my major fetishes right here at my fingertips.

Sexy Anklets Video Sexy Anklets HD Video November 12, 2011   Dancing high on my toes showing off my gorgeous arches and sensational red glossy toes. I jingle and jangle my sexy anklets making beautiful music with my slender ankles. Moving my precious peds in various sensual positions I smile and invite you for a little fun afternoon of a kinky foot play romp.

Alexis Alexis 94 Photos November 8, 2011   All dolled up in a stunning pair of tan fully fashioned stockings with an incredible black two tone detailing. Standing tall in my nylons and sleek lingerie I show off my long legs and sexy stilettos. On my hands and knees my heels slip off exposing the pattern on my gorgeous peds. Outfit by.

Sexy Anklets Sexy Anklets 66 Photos November 4, 2011   It's a beautiful day out. The sun feels so nice as I sit in the shade in my very worn flip flops and pretty purple wrap dress. I unwrap my dress and get down to my bra and sheer panties that you can see my sweet cookie through. I snap on a pair of sexy anklets and jingle my way to foot fetish haven.

Sweet Cream Soles Sweet Cream Soles HD Video October 31, 2011   Dipping and toe pointing my way to sweet goodness when I pop hot cream all over my sensual soles. You know you yearn so suck that sweet cream off of all my little piggies. I dare you to rub your tongue up and over my wrinkled soles. I will scream with pure delight.

Sweet Cream Soles Sweet Cream Soles 98 Photos October 25, 2011   Lounging on the couch with freshly painted crimson glossy toes my pretty little feet are screaming out for some fun, kinky attention. With a bottle of lotion close by I pop some sweet cream onto my soles and toes for a sexy game of oiled up peds!

Leggy Nylon Play HD Video Leggy Nylon Play HD Video October 21, 2011   My legs need a little extra added something and these vintage stockings with the sexy pattern are the perfect accessory! Slowly I slide them up onto my legs attaching them to my little garter. Wow! These babies look so hot on my long legs and just look at my feet as I rub them together seductively.

Leggy Nylon Play Leggy Nylon Play 93 Photos October 17, 2011   Starting out in a sexy little bra and panty set with sensational close ups of my pretty little feet and scrumptious red painted toes! I have the urge to slip on a pair of silky smooth vintage stockings. My legs and toes are so happy once that smooth, sheer material glides over my skin!

My pretty bare feet video My Pretty Bare Feet HD Video October 13, 2011   Play with me as I tease and torment you with my precious bare soles. Don't you agree that my feet are quite stunning? On my knees I offer my soft wrinkled soles showing off my sparkly toe rings and lace covered pussy. On my tummy displaying perfect toe points and asking "What do you think about my feet?" ;-)

My pretty bare feet My Pretty Bare Feet 59 Photos October 9, 2011   Feeling playful with a strong urge to tease I'm on my bed in nothing more than my lace panties and 2 shiny toe rings. Posing on my knees and tummy pointing and flexing my luscious peds. Drool over my perfectly wrinkled soles and adorable ruby red painted toes.

Shiny Oiled Soles Shiny Oiled Soles 73 Photos + HD Video October 5, 2011   I start off in a pair of pink mules that I dangle off my pretty feet allowing you to admire my cute toe rings and hot curves. I'm in the mood for a little shine and gloss so I spray my sexy soles with a little oil. Rubbing my feet together I moan in excitement! Now for some big toe bondage and I'm in foot fetish heaven.

Barefoot Backyard Babe Barefoot Backyard Babe 98 Photos October 1, 2011   Enjoying a beautiful hot day relaxing in the backyard with fresh green grass and a beautiful pool to cool off in. I experience all the different fun sensations the backyard has to offer on my pretty little sensitive soles. I am such an erotic foot girl!

Toe Tease Nylons Toe Tease Nylons 89 Photos + HD Video September 27, 2011   Feeling the silkiness of my luscious stockings. I quickly slide them off my soft legs and wrap the nylons around each one of my cute little piggies. A little game of self toe bondage. I totally get off on the feeling of having my toes all tied up! I find it so incredibly erotic!

Sexy Soles Sexy Soles 79 Photos September 23, 2011   Playing with my sexy soles outside in the beautiful hot summer weather. My red shiny piggies, soft wrinkled soles and perfectly shaped arches are ready for some fun! Pointing, flexing, arching my way to foot fetish heaven.

Sheer White Vintage Stockings Nylons Sheer White Sensation 78 Photos + HD Video September 19, 2011   Looking pretty in gorgeous retro inspired white lingerie with sheer full bottom panties, an open cup demi bra exposing my perfect tits, sexy little garter belt holding up my amazing sheer white vintage seamed stockings. The best thing about these babies is the sheerness on the foot with the seam detail. To die for!

Bare Sole Giantess Bare Sole Giantess 68 Photos September 15, 2011   Standing tall above you over a clear glass table. You are tiny and miniscule as I tower over you. I'm a sexy giantess with luscious bare soles. You are mesmerized by my perfect feet, high arches, wrinkled soles. At any moment I may squish you with all my weight so you better be good and obey my commands.

Barefoot Beauty Barefoot Beauty 87 Photos + HD Video September 11, 2011   Giving you an exquisite eyeful of my soft sensual bare feet. I pose in various sexy foot fetish positions. High on the balls of my feet, tippy toes, pointing & flexing. You will love what you see if you have the urge to admire my gorgeous soles and adorable toes.

Barefoot in Palm Springs Barefoot in Palm Springs 56 Photos September 7, 2011   One of my favorite vacation spots is Palm Springs. I love the dry heat and sunny skies. It's the best place to walk around barefoot with each step being a challenge since the ground is so incredibly hot! I take in a wonderful afternoon enjoying the weather while totally barefoot and showing it off.

Classic Charm Classic Retro Charm 94 Photos + HD Video September 3, 2011   All dolled up in pink satin retro lingerie, my hair in gorgeous curls and my lips luscious red I'm full of lady like charm. All my attention is fixated upon my extreme spiked stilettos that give such a great curve & high arch on my perfect feet. I turn not so lady like once I use to heel to get myself off.

Foot Erotic Girl Foot Erotic Girl 56 Photos August 30, 2011   Turned on and ready to play with my barefeet. As I play with my erotic peds it makes my pink pussy get wetter and wetter! I finger my hot box as I admire my wrinkled soles and perfect toes.

My cute patent mules dangling Dangling My Cute Mules 103 Photos + HD Video August 26, 2011   Lounging on top of a patent fuchsia spanking bench that matches my cute mules perfectly. Playing with my sexy heels I tease and torment you as they slowly wiggle their way off of my sensational peds.
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Naked Naked 39 Photos August 22, 2011   Enjoying the heat of the desert outside against a stone wall. I am completely naked. Posing high on my tippy toes accentuating my long legs and deadly curves. My sexy feet topped off with cute hot pink toe nail polish.

Nude Bound and barefoot Nude Bound & Barefoot 53 Photos + HD Video August 18, 2011   With my wrists and ankles bound by tight white rope I am completely nude and struggling in the tight binds. I display my bare feet for you to enjoy. Pointing, flexing and showing off my soft wrinkled soles. My feet and yearning for some soft kisses and painful nibbles!

Delicious Wolford Delicious Wolfords 85 Photos August 14, 2011   In my hotel room during a trip to Hawaii enjoying my delicious pair of Wolford pantyhose - beige with incredible lace print backseams sure to turn heads everywhere I go. Posing in the mirror I get off on how my legs & feet look in these hot hose. My toes taste so good through the sheer material too.

Lustful Leg Tease Lustful Leg Tease 113 Photos + HD Video August 10, 2011   Starting off in smooth bare legs and perfect feet with polished toes. Arches and pointing my soles I take out a luscious pair of silky nylons and slide them onto my long legs. Admiring the look and feel as I play with my feet and gams giving you a sexy little tease.

My barefeet in your face In Your Face 75 Photos August 6, 2011   Completely nude except for a cute little pair of red satin bow heels & lace panties. I point, dip and dangle til my sexy little shoes slide right off. I put my hot barefeet right in your face and give you and eye full of perfect wrinkles, high arches, and luscious piggy toes.

Cum for me baby Cum For Me Baby 53 Photos + HD Video August 2, 2011   I'm a naughty foot fetish girl offering my soft high arched soles to stroke your stiff erection. I talk you through a kinky game of barefoot fetish foot job. You will ooze cum in no time after I seductively use your cock for my enjoyment.

Sultry Striped Heeled Stockings Sultry Striped Heeled Stockings 50 Photos July 29, 2011   In the office with so much work to do but all I can think about are my sultry striped heeled stockngs. I'm utterly obsessed with how they look on my curvy legs and how silky smooth they are. I tippy toe to get a hot view of my arches. Just look at that gorgeous design on my soles!

Blindfolded Blindfolded 107 Photos + HD Video July 25, 2011   Leg tease in satiny nylons. Dangling stilettos til they pop right off my dainty toes. Slide my fingertips down my stocking covered gams. Wrap the stocking around my eyes creating a sensual blindfold. Stuff the other into my bad girl mouth binding me to my own fetish.

Stunning in Pink Stunning in Pink 91 Photos July 21, 2011   Chilling out in my cute little kitchen in nothing more than a stunning little pink number in a sheer bra and panties with my pink patent pumps & shiny pink painted toes. Playing with my sexy little feet dipping, pointing and arching my way to sexiness.

Sexy Strappy Sandals Sexy Strappy Sandals 21 Photos + Video July 17, 2011   On a very warm summer's day out in a beautiful canyon surrounded by trees I admire how sexy my strappy sandals are and how suckable my toes look. Hanging my tootsies out the car window while pointing my toes and cherishing my cute wiggling piggies.

Sexy Dirty Feet Filthy London Soles 147 Photos July 13, 2011   Riding my hot pink scooter in the center of London on a crisp day. I slip off my sneakers and slide down my neon socks to ride around London Bridge barefoot getting them super filthy with grime and dirt! My soles turn black & everyone was watching!

Cream the up good Cream Them Up Good 63 Photos + HD Video July 9, 2011   A hot summer's day I'm dressed in my long flowing dress I got while in Thailand with my strappy leather sandals. I admire how my feet look and talk about how sexy my wrinkled soles and high arches are until I slip off my barely there shoes and cream my feet up nice and good with slippery lotion.

Sexy Dirty Feet Sexy Dirty Feet 70 Photos July 5, 2011   I start off in a pair of gorgeous heels standing tall in my stilettos and nothing more than a lacey sheer red panty. Sitting on a spanking horse my high heeled mules fall off my feet exposing my sexy dirty feet. My soles are grimy with filth, dirt and dust.

Glossy Pink toes Glossy Pink Toes 77 Photos July 1, 2011   With freshly painted glossy pink toes I feel fresh & pretty. On the kitchen table in a cute bra and panties with my barefeet ready for some play. Toe wiggling, points, high arches and wrinkled soles is what I have in store for you.

Sheer Stocking Foot Tease & High Heel Dangle Painting My Toes 60 Photos + HD Video June 27, 2011   In the kitchen enjoying a hot summer's day totally barefoot and without any nail polish on my toes. I decide to paint my bare toe nails a bright hot pink color. I apply the base coat, then the color and finally the gloss. I admire the way my freshly painted hot pink toes glisten and shine in the light.

Summer Heat Summer Heat 74 Photos June 23, 2011   Out in the dry summer heat in Palm Springs I enjoy the hot weather in the shade underneath a beautiful tree. My sandal clad feet cry out for some action. As soon as I slip off my shoes I play with all the elements around me.

Sheer Stocking Foot Tease & High Heel Dangle RHT Foot Tease & Shoe Dangle 131 Photos + HD Video June 19, 2011   Looking smart in a black knee skirt, silk blouse, 6" stiletto heels & a very nice pair of sheer RHT stockings I dip and dangle teasing you the whole way through. I invite you to play with me on the bed as I take off my top & skirt revealing my sexy lingerie underneath. Leg poses, more dangling & gorgeous pointed toes & wrinkled soles through the sheer nylons.

Foot Tease Foot Tease 51 Photos June 15, 2011   Dressed in a seductive lingerie outfit with sexy glitter pumps on my naughty feet. Pumping & dangling til my shoes come off I give you a nice close inspection of my wrinkled soles, little toes & high arches. Play with me and my kinky, sensual feet.

Sensual Nylon Tease My Perfect Feet 73 Photos + Video June 11, 2011   Frilly lingerie with my cute garter belt holds up my silky smooth nylon stockings. Standing in my hot pumps my naughty little feet scream out for some play. Pointing & dipping they soon fall off. As I slide my stockings off and wiggle my toes my pussy grows wet by the minute.

Mediterranean Sand foot fetish in Spain Mediterranean Sand 91 Photos June 7, 2011   On a seaside town in Spain I play with the warn Mediterranean sand between my toes and soles. Standing in the cool water as it washes ashore getting my pretty feet all wet with the clear blue agua. A nice relaxing afternoon on the beach getting my foot fetish fix.

Crop Me Feet Crop My Feet 99 Photos June 3, 2011   Another day in the office calls for another day of naughty foot play. I have my mind on other things instead of work! With my feel calling out for some hot attention I get my handy little crop out and seduce my own soles with each hard whack I give them.

Shoegasm Shoegasm 68 Photos + Video May 30, 2011   I fall in lust with my high heels almost like I do with men. I get so turned on by wearing them on my cute feet that I must release that sexual tension. I slide off these pretty clear mules, lick the worn sole, and rub my panty covered pussy with the other heel until I cum!

Pretty FLowers Sweet Vintage 85 Photos May 26, 2011   There is something about dressing in exquisite vintage attire that is so appealing. I always feel ultra feminine and seductive especially adorning silky smooth vintage stockings. My nylons turn into a mega forplay game as I strip them off and use them on my yearning body.

Aim to Please Aim to Please 77 Photos + Video May 22, 2011   Stroking my soft sensual wrinkled soles and giving you an eyeful of my delightful toes adorned with sexy little toe rings. I pose my hot little peds by pointing, flexing and arching. I'm extremely foot erotic, you see and I know what you need. I aim to please and pleasing is what I do best.

Pretty FLowers Pretty Flowers 112 Photos May 18, 2011   Enjoying a beautiful evening out on a vineyard surrounded by gorgeous flowers with potent scents. I inhale the red buds with naughty thoughts flowing through my mind. Before you know it the flower petals are covering my eager feet after a case of high heel dangling.

Sexy in Mules Sexy in Mules 88 Photos + Video May 14, 2011   My painted glossy black toe nails look lovely in my satin stiletto mules. I stand tall in my cute shoes posing on my tippy toes and dangling my hot pumps til they conventiently slide right off my sexy peds. Enjoy my sensational high arches and steamy wrinkled soles.

Footjob Tramp Footjob Tramp 88 Photos May 10, 2011   My soles are wrapped around your hard cock. I stroke your member up and down with my soft wrinkled soles. My naughty little toes tickle the head of your dick as I smile and give you a wink. My mission is to make your cock pop by using just my feet. I'm such a tramp!

Vintage bare soles Vintage Bare Soles 88 Photos May 6, 2011   Dressed in a pretty vintage lingerie ensemble without any shoes leaving me completely barefoot and super hot at that! I offer fantastic views on my insanely hot wrinkled soles and watch as I take a nice big bite out of my yearning toes. My feet are perfection if I do say so myself.

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