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Extensions have become more and more mainstream, and with so many different kinds it can be daunting to choose what's right for your hair, your lifestyle, and your budget. We are here to help de-mystify the process of getting the mermaid locks you dream of!


The most important question is, “what type of extensions are right for me?” When choosing extensions it is important to consider which option would be best for your particular hair type. Not all types of extensions create the same effect. Talking to your stylist about your desired look and length will help give you a better idea of which extension option is perfect for you.




Tape-in extensions are great for those looking for more length and/or fullness, but not necessarily more volume at the scalp, as these extensions lay fairly flat against the head. They can be highly customized in the placement and amount of hair used, to give the perfect amount of volume and length. They are applied by sandwiching a small section of your own hair between two sections of the extension hair, which are each attached to an adhesive strip. It generally takes about an hour to an hour and a half to install a full head. The adhesive lasts for 6 to 8 weeks depending on the quality, and of course, your personal maintenance. If your stylist uses a very high quality of hair, it is possible to re-install the extensions with new adhesive and wear them an additional 1-2 times before needing to purchase new hair.  For removal, the adhesive needs to be “dissolved” with a professional product.  At Jungle Red, we opt for the most gentle option which is an oil-based product so that the integrity of your hair is maintained.




If you’re looking for volume volume volume, sew-in hair extensions are for you. They do not lie as flat to the head as tape-ins do, which adds extra bulk at the scalp along with the length. This type of hair comes in a very long track, that is cut into sections to fit your head and customize the placement. Sew-ins are applied by braiding very small sections of your own hair tight onto the scalp (aka cornrows), and then sewing the extension hair to the braid with a special needle and thread. While they do take longer to install, about two hours, sew-in extensions are the most secure. Similar to tape-ins, the lasting time of sew-in extensions depends on the quality of hair and personal at-home care.  The application will last 8-12 weeks, and depending on the quality of the hair used it is possible to re-install the extensions and wear them an additional time before needing to purchase new hair.




Although clip-ins require the most self-service and maintenance, they are a perfect option if you are looking for something less permanent that you can play with when the mood strikes.  You can add just a few pieces for fullness around the face, or clip in a full head for a day of longer fuller hair. Because clip-ins have become so incredibly popular, there is a wide range in quality of hair and product in general. Make sure that you know what you want out of longevity and styling options, and ask the right questions before making a purchase. Remember that you truly do get what you pay for when it comes to quality of extension hair!  Higher quality hair will last longer and have a more natural texture without getting tangled.  




Another form of hair extension services used by many salons is fusion bonding. There are many reasons why we do not recommend this service. First, fusion bonding is the most damaging to the hair. Sections of hair are applied using a protein bond, which is much too heavy of a substance and can cause uncomfortable tension at the scalp, and damage the hair follicle with long-term wear. The extension hair is literally “bonded” to your own hair. This means that when they need to be removed for tightening or to install new hair, that bond has to be broken which will weaken your own hair and can lead to breakage. Second, the hair is less secure than the other options and is more easily ripped out (which is not only damaging to the hair, but also extremely painful!!) Lastly, fusion bonding services are quite pricey and take the most time to install at around 3-4 hours.


At Jungle Red, we carry Remy hair extensions, which are 100% real, Indian hair. It is of the highest quality, collected in a controlled environment and carefully inspected to ensure that each cuticle is intact so that the strands all grow in the same direction. It is considered “virgin hair” meaning it does not undergo any chemical processing. Remy hair can be washed, styled and colored to accommodate your wishes, but there are a few important rules to follow. Since extensions are not exposed to your scalp’s natural oil secretion, it is recommended that you apply oils (professional-grade only to avoid build-up!) to the extensions in order to maintain consistent hydration.  Coloring the hair is possible, but more tricky, and the best bet is leaving this to the pros to protect your investment. If you are wanting to go darker, the extensions can be colored as would normal hair. Going lighter is a bit more of a challenge, because it is more damaging to remove pigment from hair. It is suggested that you begin with a lighter shade, and darker shades and low-lights can always be added! When it comes to styling, it is important to treat Remy hair with as much care as you would your own hair. Since Remy is actual human hair, it becomes weaker every time heat is applied to it. Using a heat protectant when heat styling (blow drying, curling, flat ironing) is always recommended in order to maintain the highest quality and longest wear time as possible.   


So, you’ve decided to take the plunge!  Should you shop on your own, or head to a licensed salon to get you going?  Since hair extensions make quite a significant beauty transformation when done properly, having an experienced professional stylist take care of the process ensures a more natural look. Your stylist can help in selecting the proper installation method, provide a customized color to ensure a seamless result, and provide home-care and styling tips to get the most out of your investment.  Additionally, they can guarantee the result and longevity of the hair. Now the only question is, “How do I find the right stylist?” We suggest checking out the salon’s website and social media profiles. Most places have photos of their stylists’ work that provide a great representation of their styles and techniques. You may even be able to find reviews past clients gave the salon and stylists.  Set up a consultation before committing.  Consultations should always be complimentary, and it is a good time to gauge whether you have found the right fit for all of your needs.


At Jungle Red Salon, we would love to be a part of your hair transformation. Our stylists have many years of experience with customizing extensions to every hair type, color, and budget. Give us a call and set up a no-pressure consultation!



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