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Sometimes you just want to know how to draw cool things!
So that's why I created this page of stuff to draw. This page has become a sort of artist's grab bag of drawing lessons. Some lessons are of easy things to draw, some are pretty hard.

Cute Kitten Drawing Lesson Daisy Drawing Lesson Teddy Bear Robot Heart Rose Crown Flag How to Draw a Box 57 Chevy Bel Air Corvette Pumpkin Snowman Christmas Tree Bubbles Draw a Cat Face 3D Block Letters How to Draw Skulls How to Draw a Flame Birthday Banner Dog Bone Pippa from Jumbalees 3D Letters American Flag Graphic Flames Birthday Banner


Choose a  lesson and start learning to draw things like cars, skulls, flags and robots!

Get into the 3rd dimension by drawing these cool 3D letters. Michael Thoenes - MT

How to draw block letters, a lesson in one-point perspective. Michael Thoenes - MT

Nothing looks quite like a 57 Chevy. If you wantt o draw one, we have several views for you to choose from.
Michael Thoenes - MT112

Create your own flag graphics or American flag clipart. A few easy tricks help you to know how to draw Old Glory. You can do it with these easy step-by-step U.S. flag drawing instructions. Michael Thoenes - MT103

Learn how to draw this banner on a birthday card or make it large enough to hang it across the room if you have some long paper. Michael Thoenes - MT116

Learn how to draw a cake to decorate a birthday card. Michael Thoenes - MT

A box can be a deceptively simple looking object. You will be able to master drawing it by following the step-by-step lesson. Michael Thoenes - MT120

Artist Starr Weems shows you how to draw and paint bubbles. Starr Weems - SW

This furry faced feline is ready for you to draw his portrait. By Michael Thoenes - MT121

Draw a beautiful Christmas tree! Try this christmas tree lesson and use it to draw your own Christmas cards or decoratons. You can also draw yourself some presents underneath. Michael Thoenes - MT114

Draw Pippa from the children's book Jumbalees. Chris Evans - CE

See how to draw a Corvette with handy reference images that give you multiple views of this legendary sports car. By kids Michael Thoenes - MT108

This symbol of royalty can be a royal pain to draw if you don't get the foundation right. Tackle this lesson and you will feel like the king or queen of drawing.
 Michael Thoenes - MT119

(With Video)
An early favorite on the website. This easy-to-follow dog bone drawing lesson is sure to be a hit with your pet pooch. Michael Thoenes - MT110

Flag Drawing
How to draw a flag! Learn to How to Draw a waving flag step by step starting with three simple rectangles. You'll be amazed at how quickly your flag drawing takes shape and looks like it is flapping in the wind. Michael Thoenes - MT111

More easy things to draw below!

You can draw it! Learning how to draw cool things is fun, so pick a lesson, start drawing and show off your amazing art to your family and friends!

How to draw flames - an easy step-by-step lesson. You don't need a graphic design degree program to learn how to draw cool things! Michael Thoenes - MT106

Learn how to draw a heart starting with a line and two circles. A favorite lesson for the how to draw cool things page! Michael Thoenes - MT105

(With Video)
Draw an awesome looking pumpkin for Halloween! This mildly scary jack-o-lantern is pretty easy to draw. You can follow the step by step instructions or watch the video. By Michael Thoenes - MT120

Learn how to draw robots. Draw Blobbot, he's a happy blobby robot and an easy drawing lesson for kids.  Joost de Jonge - JDJ101

Roses can be a tricky flower to draw. Fortunately we have several variations on the site now. This lesson was our very first flower drawing lesson on the site. Michael Thoenes - MT115

Skulls are definitely cool things to draw. Michael Thoenes - MT107

Learn how to draw a snowman with a stocking cap, an oven mitt, a scarf and a broom. Michael Thoenes - MT

(With Video)
This adorable plush teddy bear drawing is created with circles. Use a circle for the head, chest and body.  then add circles for the hands and feet. Why not give it a try? Michael Thoenes - MT109

 (With Video)
Learn to draw a cute kitten face step by step. Cheri Crawford 

(With Video)
Draw a blue daisy flower easily. 
Maja Thoenes

 (With Video)
Draw a great looking cat in this lesson. Cheri Crawford 

Pick a lesson and get started drawing or

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