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 has been one of our most adventurous and ambitious ventures in practicing architectural design consultancy online. We have been selling ready made house plans in India and abroad but with time we are more keen on designing and detailing all our projects and getting them built. SO now we showcase some of the house plans which india gives an idea about the kind of work we do and what more can be offer for your requirement. Currently our site has 106 ready made house plans which are all Architect designed house plans but given a choice we prefer to do custom house plans and designs for most of our clients. Over the years we have given meticulous though to our house plan designs and take up each project as a new opportunity to design a house which will be bring so many moments of everyday life to our clients and there families. 

We at HomePlansindia.com clearly believe that houses have to be designed with a soul to it and they get life once the client or home owner & his / her family starts using it. There are not shortcuts and there are no corners which can be cut to build the house which needs to be stable and sturdy which is very symbolic to the relationship of all the family members who will be living in that house. Most of the existing house floor plans are for a Ground Floor or Ground + First Floor houses and the area of these range anywhere between 250 Sq.ft. to 5,000 Sq.ft. 
We intend to deliver the best architectural house designs & drawings to our valued customers so that they can build there homes with ease. Our keen effort is there in keeping up with the functional and aesthetic appeal of the house so serious efforts has been spent over the years in developing these designs or for doing custom house designs.

Our architectural design consultancy services fee are as per Council of Architecture Benchmarks and are meant to be professional so do check our Sample Design page before you get in touch with us. You can also email your requirements to

House Plans Designed by www.HomePlansIndia.com for over the years for different parts of the world

With overr 7 years of our effortless work into developing house plans and designs for plot owners in India, we have come a long way. In our journey we have also stumbled upon customers who are not from India but still wanted us to assist them in planning a house for there plot. So here we proudly present our work which has been accepted not just in India but also in other countries around the world. We are glad and do feel privileged enough to have worked with such incredible customers who value our honest efforts and appreciate it. It has also been our pleasure to work with couple of clients on multiple projects over the years.

We don't have paid testimonials from our clients, but very soon we will be adding real reviews from our past 7 years customer along with there pictures for real review and appreciation of our work. We hope that more and more number of people find our work appealing and will be giving us an opportunity to assist them. If you have any query or request or any feedback then do mail us here and we will be glad to respond back to you.

We are listening!

We understand your requirements well so in this section we have collected plans for small plots which are quite common in India.  These house plans starts with an area from 250 Sq.ft. to 1,000 Sq.ft. and are well suited for floor plans like , 20 x 30 ft, 30 x 30 ft, 40 x 40 ft, 20 x 40 ft, etc. If you have requirement for a particular house plan for your plot then

A wide variety of house floor plans and designs were short listed to be part of this collection but only the select few are assorted as per there design and area of the house which ranges between 1,000 Sq.ft. to  2,500 Sq.ft. in area. These are average sized house plans with a suitable Ground + First floor layouts which can work best for a family of 4 to 6 people wherein the ground floor will have one bedroom and the rest of them on the first floor. If you want to see more of these plans then do check them.

There are innumerable house floor plans to search from our database of 100 exclusive and original home plan designs to suit your needs. The smallest of the floor plan starts from 250 Sq.ft. in area to 2500 sq.ft. in area. 
These plan are of very economical price since we are only selling the floor plan drawings to our clients. You can use offers like buy 5 plan together and get 20% discount on the overall cost. Do contact us to avail the offer.

Builders and Developers have an added advantage in buying ready to use house plans for there clients or for sharing design proposal with there prospective customers. Browse our wide collection of weekend house plans and designs and have a  hassle free house design solution for your large scale township or residential bungalow projects. These bungalow plans and designs are best suited for weekend home plots, resorts, gated residential townships, etc. If you have any query or requirement the do get in touch with us and we will be glad to assist you.

With rapid growth of apartment housing in cities we have dedicated this home design section for building apartment design which starts from an area of around 500 sq.ft. to 2,500 sq.ft. or so. The apartments are usually of Ground + 4 floors high or Ground + 7 floors or Ground +11 floors high. The varied number of options and building elevation designs will clearly showcase our high aesthetic and design sensibility. Our architectural design development stage for each plan in our collection and also plans which we develop for our customers are so intense that we don't leave any idea bare. We work immensely to develop a highly proportioned and balanced elevation design which are not just good designs but good aesthetic solutions for any particular floor plan. So do check the complete to get a better look at our work.

India's rich culture and tradition is rooted in our house planning and design techniques so with due respect to our heritage we have revisited the central courtyard house plans and designs. Traditional House plans had quite a number of unique features and design elements which would allow for proper cross ventilation, view from the house, bigger room areas and other such features which we all cherish and would love to consider for our houses to fit into our modern lifestyle. So here we have revisited our traditional houses to learn as much as to prepare plans and designs which evoke similar sense of space as traditional house plans. If you have any query or requirement for such floor plans then do get in touch with us!

Home plans which are designed using alternate techniques of construction are assembled here. These homes can be built with conventional techniques but will be best through CSEB construction or Rammed Earth Wall construction.

 ​If you have custom planning and design requirements which are not getting resolved through our existing collection of home plans & designs then do write to us with all necessary details & we will work upon a custom house plan for you to suit your family's needs. If you have any query or requirement the do get in touch with us and we will be glad to assist you.  ​

Watch  Video to draw a House Plan

Most of the time its not easy to understand the overall design of the house with just a 2D drawing so we have created animated video of few of the house plans which will make it easier for you to understand that particular home plan design.

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