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Tumblr Niece

Chapters : 1 | 2

Chapter Two

I had lusted after my niece. I had even masturbated while looking at a picture of her pussy. And then I had snooped on her computer.
But suddenly, what I had done was small potatoes.
"You put those pictures online?!" I gasped.
"Just some of them," she said, taken aback at how furious I was. "Sam said nobody could ever find us."
"And what about people who already know you?" I asked, acidly.
"She said nobody who knows us would ever see them!" she said, defending their foolish decision.
"Why?" I asked. "Why would you do that?"
"It was just for fun, Uncle Bob!" she whined. "It made us feel pretty... grown up."
"And what if your principal, at school, sees them?" I asked. "What if Jake, who runs the hair Mini Mart where you buy your gas, sees them? What if your 4H sponsor sees them?"
"They don't look at that stuff," she said, sounding quite sure. "Besides, she only submitted them to one place. That's all. The chances of anybody we know seeing them is less than winning the lottery."
"Oh really," I said. "Let's just find out about that... what do you say?"
"What?" She looked nervous now.
"What site did she submit them to?" I asked.
"I don't know!" she said. "She knew someplace. She talked to this guy on email and he said he'd be happy to see how cute we all were."
I refrained from groaning.
"So he has Sam's email address, which means he has her ISP, which means he can hack into her service provider's records and find out her full name, and address."
"No way, Uncle Bob," she said, still confident. "You might know how to do all that stuff, but hardly anybody else does. Besides. He'd only find out who Sam is, and she doesn't care. She's talking about meeting up with the guy. They've been writing to each other for over a year."
I sighed. "Did I mention that you're in her email contacts? And that he can do exactly the same to you?"
"But why would he?" she complained.
"Maybe he would do it for kicks," I said. "Maybe he'd try to sell the information to someone else, whose motives are unknown. The point is it can be done, and that puts you in danger, even if it's only hypothetical! All I did was jerk off to the picture you sent me by mistake. There are people out there who would want to do a hell of a lot more than that. You hear about them on the news every day, if you listen to what passes for the news today."
I hadn't meant to say that part about jerking off, but I'd gotten carried away. Thankfully, she hadn't seemed to have picked up on that particular part of my comment. But the whole of it appeared to get her to take things more seriously.
"So... what do we do?" she asked, looking down at the floor.
"Well, the first thing is to find out from Sam where she sent those pictures."
She pulled her phone out of her pocket and texted quickly. She put it back in her pocket. It went off almost immediately and she answered it.
"I need to know the address of the website where you sent the pictures," she said into the phone. There was a pause. "Yes, those pictures." Another pause. "Never mind why I need to know. Just tell me!" She waved to me and then pointed at her computer desk. She made a writing motion. I opened a drawer and got her a pencil and a piece of paper. She wrote, said her goodbye and put the phone back in her pocket. She extended the paper to me. "Here"
I sat down, pulled up her browser and typed in the address. A typical tumblr picture blog popped onto the screen.
"This is weird," she said from behind me.
"Why?" I asked.
"I'm not used to my uncle looking at dirty pictures."
I didn't look at her. "Well, I'm not used to my niece appearing in dirty pictures."
She was silent.
"When did she post them?" I asked.
"I don't know... maybe six months ago? After she sent them, he told her where to look, and we did, and we saw them and freaked out, but after that we didn't go look at them again."
"You didn't, but I bet other people did," I said.
I opened the calendar listing for the site and clicked on February, since it was July now. A new screen full of pictures showed up.
"Help me look," I said.
She leaned over my shoulder, and her left breast pushed into the back of my right shoulder. I could smell her body wash, or whatever it was that smelled like flowers.
"I don't want you to see these," she said.
"Why not?"
"Because you'll think there's something wrong with me," she said.
"Not in a million years," I said.
I saw one before she did. It was the socks that did it. I clicked on it. There was my beautiful, naked niece, with Sam behind her. One of Sam's hands was on Lizzy's left breast. The other one was playing between Lizzy's legs. Both girls were smiling.
"Ohhhh nooo," she moaned, right in my ear.
"Looks like fun," I said, trying to keep us both from freaking out. I paged down to the list I knew would be there. That list was of subscribers who "followed" this blog, meaning that whenever a new picture was added, that follower would be notified. Followers could also leave comments on each picture. This one had about fifteen.
"Look there," I said, pointing to one entry which said "tittielicker69 reblogged this photo."
"Okay," she said.
"That means your photograph is now on his site too.
"What? We didn't tell him he could do that!"
"You didn't have to. When you sent this guy your pictures, you gave up ownership of them, for all practical purposes."
I pointed to seven other places where the picture had been reblogged.
"And each of them has followers, who probably reblogged it too. Your gorgeous naked body is plastered all over the place, Lizzy."
"Shit!" she said, softly. "I thought they'd only be at that one place."
I clicked the back arrow.
We found the other ten on the next page. In one of them Kandy was licking Lou Ann's pussy. In another Lizzy was obviously loving the way Nicole was eating her pussy. Each time I found one, Lizzy moaned in my ear. When the one of her with Nicole between her thighs came up, she put her hands over my eyes and said "Don't look!"
I gently pulled her hands away.
"I'm not a lesbian," she said, sounding like she might cry.
"I know," I said.
"How do you know?" she asked.
"Because of the way you treat me," I said. "Because of the way you've always treated me."
"You mean you knew?" she gasped.
Now, let me pause for just a second and make something clear. I'm writing all this as if it was just an uncle sitting in a chair with his niece behind his back and they were doing this, and doing that, and everything was pretty normal.
Not even close.
What we had just been through had shaken us both. It shook me up, because I realized my cute, little niece was all grown up now. Sure, she had made some stupid mistakes, but mistakes in your teens are the rule, rather than the exception. That's what the teens are for, after all. And it shook her up because while taking these pictures had been a rush, and great naughty fun, someone she knew was seeing them. So neither of us was fully up to speed at this juncture.
To her question I said "Knew what?" That's because I had no idea what she was talking about.
"That I've been crazy in love with you for as long as I can remember," she confessed. And she confessed that because she was too shook up to reflect on my comment of "Knew what?"
About then I grasped what she'd just said, and she grasped the fact that she'd blurted out something she hadn't had to. I turned to look at her. She looked scared.
"All the girls have this huge crush on you," she added, weakly. I think it was her effort to mitigate her previous statement, which went sort of beyond the "crush" stage of things.
Don't ask me why I said it... but I did.
"Then why didn't you guys just come get naked for me, instead of putting it out for the whole fucking world to see?!"

We couldn't spend much more time closeted in her room, or her mother would wonder what had become of us. So I told her to gather the girls together at my house the following afternoon for a council of war. She wanted to know what I meant, and I told her I'd explain it later. Then we left her room. I hugged Monica goodbye and started out the door.
"Wait!" yelled Lizzy.
She came and hugged me. It was a very tentative hug, instead of the usual rub-all-over-Uncle-Bob sort of thing she usually did.
"Thank you for not hating me," she whispered.
Again, don't ask me why I did it, but I slipped one hand up to her left breast. I said "I could never hate you," and gave it a little squeeze.
She yelped and jumped back as I slipped out the door, grinning.
All in all, it was an interesting night for me. As I reflected on things, I couldn't help but think about how much farther along the "I am a woman" track Lizzy was than I had thought only hours earlier. Her comment about being crazy in love with me, I took with a grain of salt. But I did think about how she changed it to "crush" when it came to the others. That was interesting too. The others had flirted with me, at one time or another, but I hadn't been around them all that much, really. I couldn't think of a single thing either Nicole or Samantha and I had ever had a discussion about. Lou Ann had asked me some computer questions one time, while both she and I were at my sister's house. Kandy, on another occasion, had asked me if I liked a particular music group. I remember thinking how odd that was at the time. Now I understood.
Lizzy wasn't sure all the girls would come, since they were being assembled at my house, but they did. When they got there I directed them to the den, where there were two couches and some chairs. Lizzy hadn't told them anything about why they were there, but I had set up a computer linked to the 55" flat screen TV on the wall. I had also gone back to the tumblr site, once I got home, and downloaded all ten of the pictures the girls had taken. I put them into a Power Point presentation on a constant loop, and had it running with the TV off. Once all the girls were there, were comfortably seated, and had something to drink, I began speaking.
"Sometimes people, especially young people, do things without thinking them through completely," I said. "This sometimes generates uncomfortable situations in which important lessons can be learned. That's what you are all here to do today... learn from your mistakes."
"What mistakes?" asked Sam. She was the confident (overconfident) one, and a natural leader.
"These," I said, and thumbed the remote control that turned the TV on.
There was stunned silence at first, then gasps, and then mutters. I clearly heard one female voice say "What the fuck?" and another one say "How?"
Lizzy executed her part in this little charade.
"How did you get those?" she asked, sounding properly horrified.
"I found them on the internet," I said, calmly.
I bent to the laptop and minimized Power Point. I had a tumblr site up on the web browser.
"I found them right here."
There had been one follower who had reblogged all ten pictures from the original site. That's the one I had on the screen. I saw Sam looking at the address bar, and the name of the site.
"That's not where we sent them!" she blurted.
"So you did send them yourselves," I said. "I was going to ask if maybe someone had taken these through a window or something."
Sam looked at me with an arched eyebrow. Somehow, I knew I was busted.
"Anybody could clearly see those were taken from inside the room," she said. "You knew we put these online. That's the mistake you were talking about." She looked at Lizzy, who apparently also knew she was busted.
"I didn't tell him," said my niece. "He found them and confronted me."
"And you spilled your guts," said Sam.
"No," I said softly. "You spilled all your guts... right out there on the internet where I have found at least fifty places where your pictures have proliferated."
"What?" there were multiple gasps. Nicole and Lou Anne turned on Samantha.
"You said they'd only be on this guy's site for a week, and then he'd take them down!" said Nicole.
"He lied," I said.
It took another half hour, and moving to ten more sites before it sank in that they were a hell of a lot more visible to the world than they thought they'd been.
Finally Sam said "So what do we do?"
"That," I said, "is why you're all here today. You're going to work to try to repair the damage."

I won't go into details, but what I had the girls do was each take a list of five websites that had reblogged their pictures, and write to each of them, identifying the photos by file name and claiming copyright infringement. The site, assuming the operator cared, was then required to remove that picture from the blog. Once they had contacted their initial five websites, each girl fanned out from there, finding more and more sites that had posted their pictures.
It took them well into the school year until they began having a hard time finding their pictures anywhere. I got to know all of them really well in the process, because there were a number of working sessions at my house, where they could delve into things without fear of a parent finding them staring at page after page of naughty pictures.
You might say fate had lent a hand. I now had four "girlfriends" of a sort. We didn't go out on dates, and there were no make-out sessions or anything like that. But we were all very comfortable in each other's presence. Twice I had seen a little casual kiss passed between the girls as they took a break from working on trying to fix their foolishness. They knew they could never get them all off the net, but the goal was to get all the newer reblogging down, so that only the old, musty, dusty sites might have an errant photo or two on them, old photos that hopefully few would see, and even fewer would decide to keep.
And fate dipped into my life in another way too. Monica met number four.
She didn't know he was number four at the time, of course. In fact, she decided to resist making him number four. In fact, when he started talking marriage, she suggested they take a week between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and do a "trial run at things" at a ski lodge in Vermont. That went really well, and led to him becoming number four, but that doesn't matter here.
What matters here is that she asked me to let Lizzy stay with me for that week.
And while Lizzy stayed with me... she hosted a slumber party with the girls.

Remember that offhand comment I made? The one where I said the girls should have gotten naked with me instead of plastering their pictures all over the internet?
Well I'd forgotten it. But Lizzy hadn't. She had, in fact, told the girls about it.
So imagine the scene: We had eaten, and Nicole had brought a movie they all wanted to watch on my 55" flat screen, where they had seen themselves, naked, cavorting at a slumber party. I was told to put the chosen DVD in the blue ray player while they all went to "put on their jammies." I seated myself in my recliner, remote in hand, ready to be of service to the ladies.
Now imagine my astonishment as Lizzy, dressed only in those same rainbow knee socks, and followed by a bevy of very naked, very beautiful young women, danced into the room and basically mobbed my chair. I was covered in naked girls. They were giggling and shrieking and soft and warm and I confess, my hands did not behave themselves.
But lest you think this tale has slipped off into the fantasy realm, I won't try to con you into thinking all those girls let me fuck them.
No, sadly, it wasn't that way. Or not so sadly, perhaps. The fact was that, while they had all had crushes on me, Nicole and Lou Ann both had boyfriends now. And Sam was in limbo. She had almost gone to meet her tumblr man, but then had discovered he had lied to her. That, and the amount of work she'd had to do to try to get her naked body off the internet had made her a little put off with men at the moment. She went along with the plan to reward me by getting naked for me in person, but the truth of the matter was that she was more comfortable with the girls she had loved when she was younger, and who had loved her back, while they experimented with feelings and touches and tongues in pussies. She wasn't a true lesbian. None of them were. They just trusted and loved each other, and that always makes for pretty good sex.
So I did get mauled by naked teenagers, who did have a good time, I'll admit. After all, how often in your life do you get to do something like that and everybody present think it's a great idea? But eventually they got off of me, leaving only Lizzy on my lap.
"You won't like this movie," said Nicole, standing hipshot, looking at the two of us. "I recommend you go do something else."
Lizzy got off of me. "I want to show you something," she said. She held out her hand. "Come with me?"
I got up, feeling very strange being the only person in the room who had any clothes on. Well, Lizzy had her knee socks on, of course, but they did nothing to make her look clothed. I stumbled out, wanting to turn around and look at the three of them one last time. I was pretty sure the next time I saw them they'd have clothes on again. But I didn't, which was good, because I got to see Lizzy's bouncing bottom as each half rose and fell as she walked in front of me, pulling me deeper into the house.
"Where are we going?" I asked.
"To your bedroom," she said, looking back over her shoulder. "What I want to show you is in there."
"When did you put it there?" I asked. I know this was a stupid question, under the circumstances, but I had to keep talking, or else I might just explode into confetti.
"You'll see," she said, tugging my hand harder.
When we got there, she had me stand by the door. Then she ran and leapt onto the bed, landing on her stomach. Her knees bent, and she took the weight of her upper body on her elbows. There was no television, and no game controller, but the pose was obvious. She looked back over her shoulder again.
"This is what I wanted to show you. And, Uncle Bob... this time you don't have to just jerk off."

If I didn't know better, I'd think there is a secret class in school where very naughty teachers help little girls learn how to seduce, or entice a man. I don't know the name of the class, but it has the word "teasing" in it. And Lizzy got an A in that class.
She waited until she saw my eyes go between her legs, and spread them a little further as I stared at the same moist looking pussy lips she had accidentally sent me in that email. Then she rolled over onto pillows she had already put in place, to lie back. She pulled her heels up by her butt and let her knees fall apart as her hands went to her big, soft breasts and began mauling them while her fingers moved to squeeze her nipples.
"I've dreamed of doing this for so long," she said, her voice low and filled with emotion. "When we took those stupid pictures, I pretended they were for you." One of her hands moved to her pussy, lingering only to fluff up the blond hair above it that was exactly the same color as her head hair. A single finger began going in circles, and I knew her clit was at the center of that little circle. "Please take off your clothes and come to bed, Uncle Bob," she sighed. "I've been waiting so long."
I confess that the only second thought I had was a very short one that voiced itself while I was taking off my shirt.
"We really shouldn't do this," I said.
"Yes we should," she said, sliding that finger inside her body.
I tore at my clothes and showed her what she had done to me already. It had been a long time for me too.
I went and stood right by the bed, staring down at her.
"I don't believe this," I whispered.
"Stop talking. I'm desperately tired of being a virgin," she whispered back.
"You're a virgin?" I think my voice squeaked. I wasn't sure I'd ever actually met a virgin.
"I'm trying to lose it," she rasped. "But I need a little help!"
I had dreamed about this moment for years. It had played through my head ten thousand times. She was even dressed like my fantasy! And in that fantasy I partook of her body in stages, starting with little nibbling kisses that moved from her lush lips to her neck and shoulders, and around her breasts until her straining pink nipples demanded to be suckled. And after that had given her an orgasm, my dream lips moved down, over her flat belly to the juncture of her legs, where only girls had licked and sucked before me. In my fantasy, it was a good 45 minutes or more before my nasty old uncle penis slipped between her pussy lips and plunged into her body.
That was my fantasy, but if you'll recall how this whole story started, you'll know I don't lie.
I fell on her like a ravening wolf. She squealed and flopped and thank goodness she was already excited and well lubed, because I fisted my cock and tried to kill the poor girl with it. I had no control whatsoever, and I took her like a ravening beast.
I also spurted within a minute.
The only saving grace was that when I did spurt, her body was finally asserting some control over her mind, which had been somewhat shocked by events thus far. It seems her own fantasy wasn't anything like what happened either.
But I was so excited that I couldn't even resort to the normal in and out motions normally associated with having sex. The fact is that all that in and out movement does is stimulate things, and if things are stimulated enough, it isn't even needed. Talk to somebody who has learned how to do Tantric Sex. Sometimes they don't even move at all while they have sex! And in our case, we were already stimulated enough, which was why, as I spurted and tried to drive my entire body inside her vaginal canal, my pubic bone crushed her helpless clitty and an orgasm crushed her like my body was trying to.
It turns out that orgasm wasn't quite what her fantasy had thought it would be either.
It was a lot better.
The heels in those rainbow socks started beating a tattoo on my buttocks, which only made me keep grinding against her. And the sounds she made at that point in time instructed my balls to keep pumping, whether there was anything left to pump out or not.
It was interesting, because the intercourse only lasted a minute... but that orgasm went on for at least a minute and a half.
Finally she fell back, limp and exhausted. I still marvel how two minutes of sex can leave a person as drained as a five mile sprint.
"Fucking wow!" said a breathy female voice from the doorway.
I turned my head as I fell on top of my poor niece. All three girls had watched.
"He doesn't go any longer than Dennis does," said Nicole. "I thought a grown up would go longer."
"I wish Jerry was here now," said Lou Ann. "I need something in my pussy."
"I love you," came the gasping whisper of the woman being crushed underneath me.
I took some weight on my elbows, feeling like I weighed a thousand pounds. Lizzy took a deep breath.
"Do that again," she wheezed.
"In a minute," I said, completely convinced that I could order my prick back into a state of readiness. I rolled off of her to let her get a real lungful of air.
"We kind of forgot this... didn't we, kids?" Sam appeared beside the bed, daintily holding an unrolled condom between her thumb and forefinger.
"Fuck you," panted Lizzy.
"Can't," replied her friend. "He just did you. No way he can do me now."
She dropped the unused condom on my chest.

The second time was much better. For both of us.
This is not to say either of us ever regretted that first crazy, wild animal coupling. In later years, she would put on those socks, and when she did, I knew she wanted it rough.
The second time, though, she was coached by her friends. First, they coached her through sucking me back to rigidity. They were still naked, so I really didn't have any trouble getting rigid. Lizzy was reluctant to take the mess that was my penis into her mouth at first. Then Sam said "It will taste like you on my lips, with him there too, but you'll probably taste yourself more than him."
So she tried it, just using the tip of her tongue at first, and then, when she complained she didn't taste anything at all, taking my whole cock into her mouth. She sucked on it, moving her tongue all around my still soft member and pulled off with a squelching sound and swallowed. She licked her lips and looked at Sam.
"Well, if I'd have told you the truth, you wouldn't have done it."
"I might have," argued my niece.
"No you wouldn't have," said Sam. "And then I'd have had to do it, and you wouldn't like that."
"Yes," said Lizzy, reaching to hold and squeeze my soft penis. "You're right. He's mine."
"We know," said Sam. "So suck."
She went back to work and within no time it was rearing and ready.
The next thing the girls taught her to do was ride it, so that she had the control, instead of me, which meant she could make me last longer. I began to wonder just how experienced these girls were, which only heightened the excitement. I'm a pervert. What can I say?
But she got the hang of the riding part right away. First she just sat there, feeling how deeply I was inside her. She reached up and let her hair down, and then leaned forward to tease me with that, swirling it over my chest and face, as she found out how to rub her clitty by rocking forward and backwards.
About five minutes into that Nicole said "Oh damn! We forgot the condom again!"
"I'll get one," said Lou Ann.
She went to my dresser, upon which a box of condoms had been left earlier by my niece.
"Get off, Liz," she said.
"Go away," said Lizzy, lying down on my chest, flattening her breasts and using them as pillows to lie on while she kissed my lips.
"You have to get off," said Lou Ann.
"I said you could watch," moaned Lizzy, making her hips go in a circle. "I didn't say you could talk."
"Come on, honey," cajoled Sam. "You've already been stupid enough. You know this isn't a good time."
"It's a fine time," gasped Lizzy as she discovered new muscles, deep in her body, that she began to use to squeeze the invader in her belly.
"Oh fuck," I groaned.
"Lizzy!" barked Nicole, giving it a try. "He's about to shoot. If he didn't get you pregnant the last time, he will this time. Now, get off!"
"Ohhh yeah," mumbled my niece as her pussy muscles fluttered and she had a new kind of orgasm that was quiet, but soaked her whole body in lusty delight.
"Ohhh yeah," I groaned into her lips as my cock erupted, donating several more million sperm cells to the cause.
Lizzy sat back up. Her back was ramrod straight, but her head drooped, and her hair covered her face.
"You have to get off!" complained Sam. "You know our rule about condoms!"
"Too late," whispered Lizzy.

The girls ended up in bed with us, but not with me, exactly. That's because they formed a daisy chain while Lizzy found out what it was like for me to live my fantasy of mounting her from behind, and pushing my straining prick between very moist looking pussy lips. It was a big bed, but it wasn't that big. I stood on the floor next to the bed, holding Lizzy's ankles while she buried her face in Nicole's pussy, who lay on her back. Sam lowered her pussy onto Nicole's face, and took care of Lou Ann, who lay back with her legs spread wide.
Oddly enough, it was so much fun to watch them and listen to them that I was able to go for quite a long time. I knew this wouldn't be our favorite position, though, because one of Lizzy's hands was needed to stimulate her clit to get the orgasm that put those muscles to work that milked another load of sperm out of me... sperm that were uninhibited by latex. I actually went to my dresser and got one while they all got into position, but when I came back she reached for the foil-wrapped packet and sailed it into a corner of the room like it was a tiny square Frisbee.
We never did get around to using a condom after that, either that night, or the nights that followed.
I thought there would be a problem. I mean how could there not be a problem? I was her uncle, for pity's sake. But there's a funny thing that goes on inside a woman when she strikes out three times in a row with men, and all she gets in exchange is one daughter who became the light of her life. That funny thing is that the value of the man himself - whether he was trustworthy and honestly loved the woman - was more important than who that man was.
Meaning, in this case, that the man was her brother, and the woman was the light of her life.
Number four was, of all things, a professor of archaeology who had been divorced by his wife because he kept going on digs. He was twenty years Monica's senior, but all that did was make him appreciate going back in time. It didn't hurt that Monica had always wanted to see the world, and didn't care if that world was a dusty desert, or a jungle teeming with dangerous life forms.
She sold the house, and told her daughter to move in with me.
Lizzy graduated high school two months pregnant, but nobody knew it except her tumblr girlfriends. All of them went off to college, and Lizzy and I moved to Montana, where there is less work for me, but the cost of living is also lower. It's a wonderful place to raise children too. She even got to keep her horse, which she rides as part of her job on the guest ranch where we now live. I run their web site, when I'm not out on contracts.
Nobody blinked a single eye when we got married. Of course that's not odd. When we applied for the license, my birth certificate had a different last name on it than hers did. I think the fact she was seven months pregnant helped too. Folks up that-a-way like for things like relationships to be tidy.
So that's about it. We're gloriously happy, thanks to a tumblr blog, a horrible idea that was related to that blog, and her erroneously sending me an extra picture in an email. Those things changed my relationship with my niece forever. And now you know why I started this story with such an obvious and outrageous lie... like all these stories start.
People would rather believe those outrageous lies than the boring truth...
Like I just told you.
Happy surfing. Maybe you'll see your niece on one of those pages.

The End


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