Heels with spikes tumblr 2018

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Photo by Simon Wisbey

Welcome to Spikes & Heels – the with fitness site for badass women.

Tired of the way fitness is always pitched to women, Spikes and Heels founder decided to do something new.

It’s time for a fitness revolution. It’s time for women who train for the love of it. Time to get the focus off calorie counting and scales. Time to focus on how exercise makes us feel. Time to focus on being focused, determined, driven, goal oriented badasses who will race you to the bus stop and get in a lunch time press up competition with you. And we will win.

It’s time to not give a fk who sees you in your Lycra. It’s time to celebrate your sweat. It’s time to push yourself, to run so hard you leave your lungs on the track, throw your heels on after a session and walk home like a don.

Take the elevator if you want, we’ll be racing up the escalators, putting hand wraps on in the work bathrooms ready to go beat some pads come 5:30, clocking up miles between meetings, doing core exercises while we wait for the pasta to cook.

The time is now.

Welcome aboard. It’s time to pick up the pace.

Be inspired to push yourself further.

Be pretty on rest days.

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