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Bridal dresses are just as important and special as the big wedding day itself. So much work, efforts, time and resources go into finding the one that looks totally perfect on you, it may be the beautiful bride or the gorgeous guests themselves. Some like to go for the traditional red color scheme while others want to add more colors to it or pick entirely unique combinations that work for them. Wedding days can be really hectic if you don’t know what to wear and how to wear. Some people spend their time searching for while others make sure that their wedding shoes are on point. This year, Pakistani designers have mesmerized us by their awe-inspiring Latest Pakistani Designer Bridal Wedding Dresses 2018. Two colors that we find consistently throughout the bridal range are the tones of gold and silver. These both shades are what make the wedding dresses stand out since they add sparkle and life to it.

Latest for Women mostly comprise of inspired by Eastern tradition and the golden era of the subcontinent. Some designers preferred to go back to the timeless combination of red and dust golden while others went for mint shades and pastel colors.  are usually in bright colors like shocking pink, emerald green, orange and mustard yellow with heavy embroidery and jewelry made of Gota. One more trend that has been inspired by the Mughal era and the early 70’s is Matha Patti and large Nose Ring. This gives very regal and royal look to your whole attire.

The variety of Bridal Dresses for Ladies keeps getting better and more interesting with each passing year and the year 2018 has brought a major difference. The best ones include brands like Diva’ni Pakistan, Nomi Ansari, Atelier Karma, Erum Khan, Elan and Faraz Manan among many others in the fashion indian world. Let’s take a glimpse beneath on the wedding collection of these famous designers one by one.

Diva’ni Pakistan Bridal Wedding Dresses

Diva’ni Pakistan takes you on a journey into old-world Bollywood creating the magnificent queen in YOU. They have unleashed the long-gone era of majestic beauty with sheer class and pure opulence. They have played brilliantly with colors keeping the essence of Mughal era alive. This 70’s inspired theme of theirs awaits your glance. WARNING: You might not be able to pick just one dress from this beautiful collection of theirs. It brings back to you the former glory of queens and princesses.

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Nomi Ansari Wedding Bridal Collection 2018

Nomi Ansari, an award-winning fashion artist, has a beautiful and magnificent bridal collection 2018. He sure knows how to set the trend with the use of magical colors and fine embroidery. His collection is perfect for every fancy occasion be it your big day or a mehndi event or a dholki function. This artist knows how to keep a balance between colors and contrast reflecting the rich spirit of our culture.

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Erum Khan Bridal Dresses Collection 2018

Erum Khan’s line is full of exquisite floral patterns and lovely embroidered clothes. The colors used are a blissful tribute to the spring season with decoratively beautiful gowns along with high-quality fabrics and elegant work of art on them. There is a lot of gorgeous stones used in this line along with silk and thread embroidery; produced with majestic royalty while being multifaceted sufficient to be deluxe and classic. She brings back the class and charm of the golden era of our tradition.

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Faraz Manan Wedding Dresses for Brides 2018

Faraz Manan happens to be the Guru of the fashion industry. This man needs no introduction as he has already castled his spell through his magnificent and alluring work. From bridal dresses to semi-formal wear on weddings, he has given a totally new meaning to fashion. His bridal collection 2018 is richly infused with heavy embroidery and tilla work embellished by beads and stones.

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Atelier Karma Wedding Wear Collection 2018

Atelier Karma is famous for their passion and love for Red Bridal Dresses. They sure know that whatever time or decade it is, RED creates the magic. This year, they have a fascinating collection of bridal dresses and  showing the true colors of celebrations and joy.

Elan Bridal Wear Lehenga Dresses 2018

Elan launched this year’s bridal collection 2018 inspired by the colours of love with different shades of pastels and the like with beautifully contrasted and intricate designs. This line blends traditional and contemporary styles flawlessly together and portrays the extravagant era of post-partition in the subcontinent with hand-woven fabrics in fabulously vibrant colors.

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New Pakistani Wedding Dresses Designs/Styles 2018

never fail to surprise us with their collections. Each designer makes sure to bring something innovative and unique because nobody wants to go all dull and monotonous on their BIG DAY. They have launched a collection ranging from heavy bridal dresses to semi-formal wears for bride’s sisters or close friends.

The main theme is that people demand bright colours on their Barat day and some light pastel shades for Walima reception. Keeping in mind these requirements and desires, let’s have a look at these trendy Wedding Dresses Designs 2018.

are usually in shades of white and silver with either dusty golden combination or peach corals. To compliment this girly look, designers have set a new trend of fancy belts on the waist to add more flow and give a proper shape to the dress.

Now that you have had a glance at these amazing wedding collections of some talented and devoted artists, you just can’t stop to visit their outlets. Because one simply can’t compromise even on slightest details on their wedding day. To all those brides to be, go big on your big day by going for some royal dress explicit our culture and tradition with sheer class and pure modesty.

Brides who pick pieces from this collection of Latest Pakistani Designer Bridal Wedding Dresses 2018  will undoubtedly feel glamorous, royal, exquisite and truly beautiful. If you are going to be a bride soon and you want to know the perfect bridal makeup with tips and tricks, then check out here.

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