Kids halloween tights 2018

Mr. Boy loves Robin Hood. Whether it’s the Disney cartoon version with foxes, or the storybook we’ve read before bed countless times, he can’t get enough of the story. During one such bedtime reading, it occurred to me that Robin Hood would make tights a fun costume theme for both of my boys.

DIY Robin Hood costumes for kids

I kids halloween tights 2018 was so happy with how both of the costumes turned out! They look detailed, but they were relatively quick and easy to make using basic materials.

Boys homemade Robin Hood costume

Kids Robin Hood Costume

For the Robin Hood costume, I started with a brown turtle-neck we already owned, some camo leggings I found at Walmart, and a plain green sweatshirt that I fashioned into a tunic by cutting off the sleeves and the bottom hem. This eliminated a lot of sewing work, but gave me just the look I wanted. The sweatshirt was two sizes larger than my son usually wears to provide the needed length.

How to make a costume tunic from a sweatshirt

I bought a yard of green felt (though I used a lot less) to make the hooded cape. I folded it over, cut out a semicircle to match the width of the shoulder seams on the sweatshirt, and then cut some notches along the edge. I had never made a hood before, so I had to experiment a bit. The sketch below shows what worked (the felt is folded over, so I only had to sew down the back and then sew the hood to the neck cut-out on the cape). A button and loop holds the cape closed.

Robin Hood cape and hood from felt

Handmade Robin Hood costume

I used brown fleece and tan felt to make “spats” to go over some boots we already owned to make them look taller. Some stick-on velcro I had tried earlier didn’t stay in place, so I wrapped twine around each leg instead.

The hat was very easy to make from two 9×12 pieces of green felt.

How to make a Robin Hood hat from felt

The arrow quiver started out as a paper towel roll that I wrapped in brown fleece and secured to some brown ribbon with felt straps and hot glue. I used some fabric scraps to make a little pouch that I hot-glued to another piece of ribbon to form a belt. I used safety pins to hold the belts in place. I created some “leather” cuffs with brown fleece rectangles that I safety-pinned around my son’s wrists.

The bow and arrow set was very inexpensive from. I glued pieces of feathers to the ends of the arrows, then glued the arrows inside the quiver. Of course it’s less fun not being able to shoot the arrows, but I had a hunch that all the little boys at the school Halloween party would go for the arrows straight away, and I was right!

Kids DIY Robin Hood costume

Kids Friar Tuck Costume

The friar tuck costume was even simpler. I bought a 50-inch x 60-inch brown fleece blanket from Walmart for just.88. I cut a “T” shape, using some baby pajamas as a size guide. I decided to cut the back in half lengthwise to make it very easy to take on and off.

How to make a baby monk costume from fleece

I made a hooded cowl by cutting a circle from fleece, making the head opening large enough to slip on. I fashioned the hood the same way I did with the Robin Hood Costume. I used  that I found on clearance to crochet a headband that looked like hair. I only had to crochet two rows due to the thickness of the yarn. A length of rope tied around the waist completed the look and held the robe closed.

Isn’t he adorable?

Baby monk costume

I just love how cute these two buddies look together!

Robin Hood theme costumes

Supply List

1 Yard green felt
1 50 x 60 inch brown fleece blanket
Clothesline rope to fit around waist
1 3 yd spool wide brown ribbon
2 9×12 sheets green felt
1 9×12 sheet tan felt
Faux fur yarn
Oversized green sweatshirt
Pair green leggings (or opaque tights)
Brown turtleneck
Brown shoes or boots
Large crochet hook
Safety Pins

I made both costumes for less than.

And, just for fun, I’ll leave you with a cute outtake from our photo shoot.

Unhappy baby in costume

Want more homemade costume ideas for kids? Check out my Kids Costumes page!

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