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easy rainbow loom designs

When we got our Rainbow Loom back in September 2013 we started out with the Single and the Fishtail pattern. Once we mastered those we searched for easy bracelet tutorials, but we quickly discovered that most patterns weren’t labeled, so it was impossible to know if they were suitable for our skill level . As a result, we had to fumble our way through some difficult patterns, which at the time, seemed very frustrating.

If you are new to Rainbow Loom you’re probably like we were back then – scouring the net for easy tutorials that won’t leave you in the midst of a complete That’s why we have rounded up eight of the easiest Rainbow Loom bracelet designs that we could find. Once you’ve accomplished all of these patterns, you’ll be well on your way to taking on more advanced designs.


single rainbow loom bracelet


squared single rainbow loom


rainbow fishtails


double bandes fishtail


railroad rainbow loom


triple single rainbow loom7.

diamond loom bracelet


bonbon-rainbow loom

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