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We made it, people! Officially at the home stretch of winter. After months of cracked skin, frozen toes, 9 pm bedtimes and tolerating SAD, there is simply no better time than now to reward yourself with a much-needed warm weather vacay.

So you’ve planned out your vacation days and bought your swimsuit (whichever came first, no judgment), but now it’s time to find the right items to stow in your bag. To help ensure that your next oceanside getaway is as stress-free and practical as possible, I’ve rounded up a list of tried-and-true warm-weather getaway packing tips and tricks.

Anyone heading anywhere tropical this spring? I’d love to hear some of your beach essentials!

1.  Channel Your Inner “Minimalist”

I used to be a chronic over-packer, finding myself packing three outfits for each day. “What if I want to work out? (I literally do not exercise when I’m on vacation) What if a cold front sweeps in and the normal 83-degree Florida weather plummets to a rock-bottom 50 degrees (when has that ever happened?) I should bring something really fancy JIC, right?” (heels? at the beach? pshh.) Oh, you forgot the top you wanted to wear with your jorts? Here, I have three to choose from. And two backups.” (I was that friend).

Needless to say, overweight luggage costs were practically incorporated into my travel budget.

Just a few years ago, I instilled the “When in doubt, leave it at home” rule.  If there is something you’re on the fence about bringing, just ditch it. Chances are you won’t miss it when you’re out enjoying yourself in paradise.

While it may sound cliché, when it comes to a beach vacation, less is definitely more. Instead of overstuffing your suitcase with items you likely will ignore, stick to the essentials.

I honestly can’t recall a beach vacation that wasn’t spent almost entirely in a bathing suit, flip-flops, and a breezy cover-up. So do make sure to bring enough bathing suits to withstand the week. I recommend bringing a variety of cuts (strapless, one-piece, high-waisted) to avoid coming home with one awful tan line.

Editor’s Tipmake your list and check it twice. I’ve found that if I plan my wardrobe out in advance, I’m far less likely to overpack or forget a key item behind. Also, the smaller your suitcase, the fewer the temptations (you’ll also spend less time pining over what the heck to wear while on vacation).

This may come as a shock to some of you, but contrary to popular belief, it is O.K. to wear something twice.

Queue tip #2…

2. Dual-Purpose Pieces

So you decided to forgo your shower to watch the sunset and have that extra daiquiri. Good for you. After all, a beach vacation is all about going with the flow without a plan or agenda.

Thus, when deciding what clothing to pack, remember that pieces that can easily transition from day-to-night are key. A flowy maxi can be worn over your suit and transitioned well into the night–just swap your flip-flops for your favorite block heel sandals, throw on some pasties, and trade your beach bag for a clutch and you’re ready for the night. Or those trousers you wore last night? Pair with your bikini top for a beach-ready look.

With so many amazing one-piece bathing suits out there right now, your jean shorts serve as the perfect cover-up, and can also be paired with a cute tie-front blouse. Sounds pretty easy, right? When packing, just make sure you can wear each piece at least twice.

3. Smart Soles

The easiest department to overpack is without a doubt the shoe department. If you are anything like me, you spend most of your beach time barefoot… because you can. Plan out your activities ahead of time and think about what shoe options are best for your vacation. Chances are there is going to be a lot of sand and various activities going on during the trip, so comfort is key. All you really need are three pairs of shoes: durable, affordable flip-flops that you won’t mind shuffling through the sand in, some comfy tennis shoes, and a pair on the “dressier” side, like a wedge or strappy gladiator.

4. Functional Accessories

Now you’ve got your clothes nailed down and its time to find the right items to stow in your bag and tote to the shore. Packing your beach carryall is as important as your suitcase. I typically use the same straw bag for the plane ride as I do to shlep all my stuff to the beach. Not only does it save room, but also saves your fragile accessories from getting squashed–like your protective-yet-stylish hat, and your sunglasses.

Editor’s tip: Play around with your looks and pack a variety of different sunglasses. No need to spend a fortune on them–after all, they are a trendy item that are likely to get scratched at the beach anyway. My favorite style right now is without-a-doubt the retro .

Looking for a new beach bag? Check out a few of my favorite  equipped to carry all of your beach essentials… and are sure to keep you stylish.

5. Beauty and The Beach

The beach is a carefree, low-maintenance place of relaxation and all about embracing the minimal side of beauty (time to put that #nofilter to good use). Don’t go crazy when packing your makeup bag…nobody wants to be that girl rocking eye shadow and a full face of foundation while in a bikini.

They don’t call it “beach hair” for nothing. With the help of a little texturizing spray, you’ll nail the toussled, I-literally-woke-up-like-this look. T-minus 20 minutes until dinner? No problem. That “no makeup, makeup” look is all the rage this year, and finally–thanks to the sun gods–, your skin isn’t translucent! On the makeup front, a few coats of waterproof mascara (a necessity for us blondes), some highlighter/bronzer and some facial spray (just a couple spritzes outfits of a mineral water spray will instantly refresh skin after hours spent in the sun) are all you need to achieve that desired, dewy glow.

While all the above rings true, with the shore comes natural extremes, like skin-burning UV rays and oh-so-drying salt water, so its also important to stay protected. Make sure you have a strong, broad spectrum sunscreen and some SPF lip treatment and you’ll be sure to head home fresh-faced and sans sunburn.

Editor’s tip: Our skin can be rather…uh…startling? after months of being couped up inside. I’m not one for spray tans…but I swear by Kate Somerville’s 360 Face and Body towelettes. Apply just one day before for a streak-free, just-got-back-from-vacation tan.

6. Pack Your “Zen” Essentials

Waves crashing, drink-in-hand, “out-of-office” on. If there’s one place to challenge yourself to unplug and live in the moment, it’s at the beach. No matter how Instagrammable it may feel–make sure to carve out some “you time.” Pick up that book you’ve been wanting to read (for me, it’ll be ), do some self-reflecting over your favorite Spotify playlist, or maybe do some journaling or goal setting for the rest of the year.

My Current Stress-Free Spotify Playlist:

  1. Horchata: Vampire Weekend
  2. Lovers’ Carvings: Bibio
  3. Bam Bam: Sister Nancy
  4. This Must Be The Place: The Talking Heads
  5. Way It Goes: Hippo Campus
  6. Drew Barrymore: SZA
  7. LOVE: Kendrick Lamar
  8. Darling: Real Estate
  9. Dreams: The Cranberries
  10. Baby: Ariel Pink
  11. Naked Kids: Grouplove
  12. Signal: Sylvan Esso
  13. Dead Pontoon: Toro y Moi
  14. Golden Days: Whitney
  15. Mystery of Love: Sufjan Stevens
  16. Where’d All The Time Go: Dr. Dog
  17. On The Beach: Neil Young
  18. Waiting in Vain: Bob Marley

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Madeline Nachbar is a Marketing Manager and freelance fashion & lifestyle writer and content creator. On the weekends, she enjoys seeing her favorite bands in concert, traveling,  or hanging in her Northeast Minneapolis hood with the three men in her life: her husband Eric, and her two cats, Harry and Lloyd. 


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