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I think a general way to put all the good advice here is, "Don't be desperate." Also, "Don't take advantage of people."

But, how does one recognize these things? Your article has helped a lot. But I would like to add a few things, that maybe you can discuss at some later date, or find helpful as a reader:

Desperation is a signal that one will act irrationally, and with physicality rather than with sociality. Never get physical before the woman. Ever. Social only (ie speech and jest and looks) is a boundary women respect and EXPECT. Escalate physicality only as much as the woman is telling you to (by social and physical cues). Seriously, there is NOTHING wrong with just plain asking what they're willing tumblr quotes about siblings 2018 to let you do. In fact, if you're trying to be sexual with a partner, you damn well better be willing to ask. It won't ruin the mood and your mystique as much as you think. A girl appreciates a guy who's willing to ask how the fuck she's feeling, and if she's comfortable. Language exists for a reason—use it.

But back to desperation. It is a turn off for everyone, immediately. And they tumblr will never come back to you if they sense it. This is true for men and women, towards men and women. You deserve someone that you can act normal around. Someone that won't make you desperate. The moment you want something to the point that it's imparing your thinking and judgement, that's exactly when you must step away and think MORE on the matter. It's probably not a healthy thing for you, if you want it that much.

Also, in this article, I'd really like to see that "women are human beings." Respect women. This is not a hard concept, but one that is often overlooked. Generally, girls automatically respect you. That is part of the privilege conversation—(semi-active) privilege is where one demands respect without giving it. But privilege can be easily removed when both parties remember to respect each other's human rights—social, physical, and emotional respect; safety, space, etc. (And it runs both ways. Perhaps a specific conversation on "what is respect" would be good, Doctor? 🙂

One more thing I would like to hear here is the fact that these things you've outlined are not just for dating or mating. These go for friendship too, which nerds can have just as much trouble creating, I know. And, even more importantly: "Not every girl you meet you have to try to snog."


On to more detailed things, an item that I think would be helpful to point out on the topic covered in this article, to young men, is that women are often taught/learn not to say no, but this is done with the assumption that the males will not take advantage of it. It was covered a little bit in the section about "social cues that she wants to leave." But, the basic deal is that most young women, and adult women, (in America?) will not be confident enough to tell you when they are nervous. They should. But a lot of them feel that directly saying so is an invitation to greater danger. So, exactly BECAUSE of that, it's up to YOU, the approacher, to go the extra step and notice it FOR them. It's not just unrealistic standards of chivalry, it's standard kindness, (aka actually fucking trying): You are the active party. You must be the one that actively steps down, too. Remember: getting the girl is not about approaching and then not backing down at all costs. It's about approach, test the waters, wander off when it proves unfruitful, find another that might work better. For men and women. The gracious loser is always the better one. Wouldn't you rather be that guy in her memory who is unremarkable, or better yet, fucking decent, even if she doesn't decide to pick you, rather than that douche and creep she will never talk to again and tell all her friends to stay away from, and possibly the bar manager too? Again, treat each other like human beings, not as just a potential fulfiller of your needs or something you "deserve." Don't treat a girl you're trying to pick up any differently than you would treat a girl under the watchful eye of your mother (though you can add the innuendos).

Have some grace, guys. Always err on the side of "easy going." A lot of nerds get desperate at first approach for a woman because it feels like you're giving everything you are, and have grown to be during your entire life, in that moment of acceptance or rejection. But if you're doing that, you're actually giving out WAY too much. All you're trying to do at first meeting is say, "Hi, I talk like this, I'm capable of caring about you, I'm interested in this type of relationship. How about you? What are you looking for?" You can lick your wounds in private, and if you're doing it right, you'll find it doesn't really hurt all that much after the first time or two. Then, you won't feel as desperate, you'll be able to relax on the dating scene, and you will be more successful the next time. You will build confidence and character in yourself, which is always good. Whatever happened to dating based on referrals from friends? and group dates? Not to be that old fashioned, but seriously, the girl you meet at the church picnic will be much better in the long run for you than the girl at the bar.


Also, to some of the comments above: Girls like sex. It's true. They also have a right to choose who they want to do it with, just as boys do. If someone declines your offer, look always first at yourself. Never blame the other person, especially not AT THEM. It's like going up to someone on the street and saying, "Do you want this candy I have?" And when they refuse for whatever reason, you say, "WHY DON'T YOU WANT IT?" and get mad. That's not an offer. That was an imperative you forgot to use a period with. Instead, it should go like this: "Candy? Candy?" and someone will eventually say, if the time and mood and all else is right, "Oh, I love raspberry. Please, thank you." And you say, "Oh, I'm glad you like it. I like it too. Here, do you want some more?" Sharing. Sex is not about YOU. It's about sharing. If you're thinking it's all about YOURself and YOUR needs, you need to go home and take a cold shower. Male or female.


On another note, a general rule about the "attraction dance" is, (taking this from a magazine a long time ago, whose name I have forgotten) "Seem non-threatening." Girls and boys alike are programmed to like confidence, social graces, and someone who can support them emotionally and psychically. This is because that makes a good mate/child rearer/child producer (this is what drives attraction at its deepest levels). A girl or boy will get aroused by this. But threatening behavior turns on flight or fight–it is a very different category and kills the mood. (Almost all) females need emotional connection to get aroused. This is true for males to some extent as well, especially the shy male, which many nerds and geeks are. Don't let this be a negative, or something you try to ignore. Instead, embrace it, and look for someone who shares that.

So, this is why the "mating attraction dance" may seem so hard to some young men, especially the nerdy types that are a little behind (but not left behind!) in some of the social graces—in the space of a few moments a girl can make an emotional AND physical connection, and determines your potential to give it. It's really not that hard to do if you practice in a mirror and are willing to approach with a smile: as long as you are willing to be considerate of both parties. Talk to your sister. Notice how other people work (in a non creeper way). Read books girls remark as having studly men in them. These are all acceptable ways to learn, rather than becoming frustrated. Everybody wins.


Now, your comment in the beginning, "Just about every woman out there knows somebody -a friend, a family member, someone – in their immediate circle who has been threatened, taken advantage of or assaulted… if they haven’t been themselves. Think about that for a second."—Is very true. It is a rare, sheltered woman in this day and age that has never been "broken" or "traumatized" by the inappropraite attention from a guy. The girl is going out on a limb by approaching a guy—or letting them approach her. And a lot of them are hurt for it. This is inexcusable.

Most guys don't get what that means, though. Here's something: The brain and trauma is a tricky thing. But seriously, it is fear. Like bear running at you in the woods fear. I don't know to what extent boys "understand" the way unwanted physical contact effects a woman–even small ones. But, it screws up their self esteem. It jacks up their sense of identity. That girl turned you down? Tough. You just made her so distressed she cried, which means that she can't think straight.

In trauma, the brain doesn't work right; it goes into a "trauma response" whenever something similar to the situation occurs again. This can be anything from lashing out, uncontrollable fear, to freezing up, to crying, to self-mutilation and self-debasing—all things a man on approach may never see. (Also visible in PTSD from war.) True, if it's this significant, a girl won't probably be at the dating scene. And not every girl is "broken." And they will get mad if you treat them too delicately (because it's not respecting who they are actually showing themselves to be). But, a lot of girls need their disposition to be paid EXTRA attention to because of what's been done in the past to them. No, you aren't that guy that did it—but are you gonna be part of the solution or part of the problem? Show her how great men can be—by being supportive of her before being out for yourself. Such is the nature of privilege: it carries great responsibilities.


If you want to try for a smart girl, listen to the song "Promiscuous Girl" by Natalie Imbroilia (or however you spell it). This describes a successful attraction dance at a club scene. Take notes.


Of course, most of these things deals with the "pick-up" scene. If you really want to date a girl (or boy), the best bet is to become their friend first.

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