Very long straight layered hair 2018


Haircuts for Very Long Hair

Very very long hair is a simple yet stunning look. Wear hair parted deeply to one side, in the center, or no part at all to get different looks.

Very Long Hair

Very Long Hair

Sometimes long hair needs protection against damage from the elements. Gently coil hair into a bun or wear a loose braid overnight and you'll get these easy waves in the morning.

Very Long Hair for Teens

The weight of extra long hair can result in a lack of volume at the roots. Get a boost with an extra blast of hot air or with a dry shampoo that also eliminates oil.

Very Long Straight Hair

Layers are a way to keep length while minimizing weight. In this cut, shorter length strands frame the face while the rest of hair can be worn in front of or behind the shoulders.

Very Long Hair with Bangs

Really long hair looks great with bangs! This blunt fringe accentuates the length of hair but side swept bangs would be lovely as well.

Very Long Layered Hair

A few layers cut around the face breathe new life into long hair. Also, even at this length be sure to trip hair regularly to keep split and damaged ends in check.

Very Long Hair Hairstyles

Keep long hair healthy with regular conditioning. Try an at home hair treatment or if you're into all natural products, try working coconut oil through damp or dry hair.

Layered Hairstyles for Very Long Hair

Layered hairstyles are perfect for long and thick hair. Layers reduce weight and bulk, adding lots of body, movement, and volume.

Hairstyles Very Long Hair

The beachy messy look totally works for very long hair! Get the look by braiding or putting damp hair in a bun and letting it loose when it's dry.

Hairstyles for Very Long Hair

One very long straight layered hair 2018 way to get that gorgeous volume is adding curls. For this ultra long hair, use plenty of heat protectant spray with a wide barrel curling iron or flat iron.

Hair Styles for Very Long Hair

Curls are a gorgeous way to show of very long hair. Keep those long locks healthy and happy by using rollers rather then heated styling tools.

Haircut for Very Long Hair

One gorgeous way to show of ultra long locks is wearing it sleek and straight. Use a shine serum to tame pesky fly aways and boost shine.

Very Very Long Hair

A subtle yet dramatic way to shape very long hair is at the back. The sharp V cut is one popular option as is this soft rounded U-shaped back.

Very Long Fine Hair

Here's U-cut hair from the side, with the longest hair in the center and tapering up towards the face. This same profile is evident when hair is curled or worn up in a ponytail.

Blunt Cut Long Hair

If you want to hang on to every inch of very long hair, this blunt cut is for you. There are no layers or angles, just long long hair worn straight across at the back.



How gorgeous is super healthy hair worn? Here are pictures of 15 haircuts for very long hair plus styling tips. These lovely looks add, leave hair, or cut hair into a rounded.

If you want really long hair but aren’t there yet, check out these! While you’re growing hair out, keep hair moisturized and healthy with regular.

Also, make the most of the hair you have with these products that prevent and even heal split ends:

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