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Go Long Without Going Flat

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If you really do want to keep your thin hair longer than your collarbone, there are a few things that can help.

Switch Your Part

The quickest way to add volume with no long-term commitment is to switch up your part. Over time, your hair becomes used to your part and it will naturally lay flatter. Whether you're parting down the center or off to one side, try the opposite for a while.


If you have fine wedding hair, but loads of it, a few layers will add body and movement. But if you have fine hair and not so much of it, the fewer layers the better. Ask your stylist to angle a few pieces around your face.


Bangs give the illusion of fullness and can add body to your hair. Consider cutting side-swept bangs, fringe, or blunt bangs.


More and more women are opting for permanent extensions and clip-ins to add fullness and body to otherwise limp hair. Just make sure to find a reputable stylist who's experienced with extensions. Also, keep in mind that extensions can damage your own hair. Women who try them say it's worth it.

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